Our Bedroom: The In Between

As the fine folks over at Young House Love would say, “the middle makes no sense.” Amen, sister. I feel like we’re going to be in “the middle” for awhile over here at the blue house.

For instance, after a month of homelessness, we were so excited to stay in our new house that we slept on the floor. We set up our box springs and mattress in the floor of our master bedroom and camped for awhile.

Bed On Floor

That was lots of fun. We have a Sleep Number bed, so that’s why you see strange tubes coming out of our mattress. Since we were so ready to move in to the house, we really focused on getting our bedroom ready first.


Please notice the wrapping paper window coverings in the above photo. The previous homeowner left the paper in our closet, and it was the only thing we could find to cover our windows at night. I’m sad to admit that it stayed on our windows for nearly two weeks. It looked even better from the outside…

We’ve since been able to set up most of our furniture (and add blinds!) in this room. The trim is only about two-thirds of the way painted, and the doors haven’t been touched. But we’re making progress, and that’s what counts.


At least we’re no longer sleeping on the floor! I’m hoping to be able to show you some more progress shots of this room soon.

The Blue House Floor Plan

I’ve got a slew of before pictures to show you of our new home, affectionately known as “the blue house.” But, first, I thought it might be helpful to show you the floor plan. Plus, I’m way too tired from all the cleaning and painting we’ve been doing lately to sort through all the before pictures I’ve taken. #Imapitifulexcuseforablogger #handcrampsfrompainting

I whipped up this quick little floor plan over at Floorplanner.com. Floorplanner.com just might be my new, most-favorite website. You can take the dimensions of rooms and lay them out just like they exist. Plus, I could see how it would be really fun to dream up new floor plans effortlessly with this handy little tool. It’d be a huge improvement over the notebook paper I usually use.

But I digress. I present to your our mostly-to-scale floor plan:

 Floor Plan

I didn’t include most of the doors and windows on the floor plan for security reasons, but there are a couple of interior doorways I’d like to point out. You’ll notice one leading from the kitchen to the living room and another from the kitchen to the dining room. The foyer is completely open to all of the rooms (and the forgotten hallway leading to the guest quarters, oops), so this makes for an easy traffic circle from all of the most-used spaces. I’m in love.

Another thing worth noting is our gigantic master bedroom. This room is probably twice the size of our previous master bedroom, plus it has a fantastic walk-in closet! We set up our bed in here the night we closed, and this room was the first to be painted. We’re so thankful to have our bed again. The master bathroom isn’t huge, but it’ll work just fine for now.

We also finally have a laundry room! It’s a huge improvement over our previous laundry space. We were so excited to set up our washer and dryer, but after four loads of laundry our washer gave out on us. It was not a happy time, as my mother would say. We’ve since ordered a new one, and it’s scheduled to be delivered next week. I’m pretty excited about the upgrade, even if I was practically kicking and screaming all the way to the checkout line. 😉

This house has about 400 more square feet than our previous home, but it feels like all the space is distributed differently. For instance, we had four bedrooms before, but now we have three bedrooms and a sunroom, which will become my office. We had a finished downstairs apartment before, and now we have a dining room and a laundry room. I had a huge pantry, but now I have a huge master closet. While the tradeoffs are worth it, it’s still going to take some getting used to.

We feel beyond blessed to finally be in our new home and to be closer to our family and friends. So far, we haven’t gone a day without seeing someone we love, and that’s worth celebrating.

House Tour: Master Bedroom and Bathroom

I love our master bedroom. I do. It’s just the right size. It let’s in just the right amount of natural light. It’s completely comfortable. And it’s us. If any room in our house is us, I think it’s this one.

We’ve spent years collecting different pieces of furniture for this room. Isn’t it funny how your own space (in this case, the master bedroom) is at the end of the to-do list?

Did you notice the lampshades we recovered last year? They’re still one of my favorite projects to date.

Our bed is a massive California King. It’s funny because I’m 5’1, and my husband claims to be 5’9. I don’t think he’s actually that tall. In case you’re wondering, a California King is the longest bed you can buy.

It’s a long story. Before we were married, we were shopping in a small mall, which had a Bombay & Co. outlet. I fell in love with the bed frame, which we were told was a queen. The footboard was brown, but the headboard was black. So, in short, we scored such a fantastic deal on it that we had to have it. It sat in my in-laws basement for months waiting on us to be married. This was very convenient for me, because my mother-in-law stained the footboard black because she got tired of looking at the mismatched pieces. I told you it was a long story.

We recently purchased a Sleep Number mattress for this bed, so I suppose we’re stuck with a California King for the next 20 years. And, yes, the Sleep Number is magical. Travis’ sleep number is 35. Mine is sometimes 50 and sometimes 40. I’m indecisive like that.

The one thing I don’t like about this room is the closet.

think the photo above should speak for itself, but in case it doesn’t, this closet is teeny tiny. Originally this closet was only mine, but once we listed the house for sale, we downsized our wardrobes considerably to fit in into this one teeny tiny closet in order to make it appear like this house has ample storage.

Moving on…

This is my viewpoint from my side of the bed. You’ll notice the DIY paint chip art above the chest of drawers on the right. I just love it there. We only recently mounted the television, and it’s great to finally have it off of the furniture.

The doorway between the chests obviously leads to the master bathroom.

We thought long and hard about converting the tub into a shower, but, in the end, it just didn’t make sense. We’ve done virtually nothing to this space other than paint it and add some hardware and accessories. It’s not my most favorite room, but it’s sufficient.

The tour of the master bedroom and bathroom wraps up the main level of our home. Next, we’ll move into the downstairs apartment. If you’ve missed any of the tour, click here to go to a full listing of each room.

Source List:

Bed Frame: Bombay & Co.
Mattress: Sleep Number m7 bed
Nightstands: IKEA RAST 3-Drawer Chest, stained black
Tall Chest of Drawers: Ashley Furniture (The link is very similar to the chest we own.)
Short Chest of Drawers: IKEA HEMNES 3-Drawer Chest
Bedding: Macy’s, gifted
Artwork: Kirkland’s

Paint Color: Autumn Fog, Valspar

Update: I’m linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick’s Show Us Your Bedrooms party.

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