Tile is Done

The tile work in our master bathroom is finally complete! It’s actually been finished for a week now, but I’ve been traveling. Want to see it?

Master Bathroom Tile is Done at BetweenWeekdays.com

Since this photo was taken, we’ve installed the shower heads and hung up a curtain in order to begin using the shower.

This shower is awesome!

What’s left to do?

  • The countertop will be installed tomorrow
  • Order custom glass for the shower
  • Purchase and install a toilet
  • Paint the floor vent
  • Paint and rehang the door
  • Finish trim work on the cabinet
  • Add shelves and towel bars, etc.
  • Move in
  • Enjoy!

Our bathroom should be completely functional within the week. Cue the happy dance.

Bathroom Update: Demolition!

I am excited to share the current state of our master bathroom with you. It’s been gutted and is now a blank slate! I was out of town for the demolition party, but Travis sent me a video once the work was complete.

(Isn’t his accent the cutest?)

Our plan is to work on the bathroom each weekend to prepare it for the tile work to be completed by a contractor next month. This weekend we will:

  • Remove the sheetrock damaged by the mirror.
  • Patch all the sheetrock. (This task may spill over into next week.)
  • Remove the laminate floor.
  • Plumbing (we have a good friend who is a licensed plumber.)
  • Electrical (Travis is a licensed electrician.)
  • Prepare the wall for the medicine cabinet.
  • Call the tiler to ask a few questions and schedule tile work.

Bathroom Update Demolition at BetweenWeekdays.com

We’re still making some decisions regarding tile, but I’ll be sure to share all the bathroom details once they’re firmed up! Long story short: the wall tile we had selected for the shower was strongly discouraged by the contractor responsible for the tile work. We want to run our new selections by him before moving forward.

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Blue House Tour: Master Bathroom (Before)

Our master bathroom is a hot mess. And I do not use that term lightly, hence the italics. My one condition when we purchased this house was that we would gut the bathroom as soon as possible. Two years later, we’re still living with our master bathroom… but not for long! With changes on the horizon (hallelujah), I thought it was high time I share the master bathroom we’ve been living with for the past couple of years.


Master Bathroom Before at BetweenWeekdays.com

While it may not look so bad on the surface, let me give you a few details.

  • The above photo was taken on a sunny day with all the bedroom windows open and a light kit. The room is like a cave of darkness. Have you ever applied makeup in a cave of darkness? It’s a fun time. 
  • The large jacuzzi tub works, but it spurts black “stuff” everywhere. Plus the bottom is stained with what I can only imagine to be cigarettes that were thrown in while still lit. Classy!
  • There is barely any storage in this bathroom. See the towels sitting on a $5 yard sale table? Also, please notice the teensy tiny drawers on the vanity. I have two to my name, Travis has one, and some cleaning supplies resides in the fourth.
  • The cabinet above the toilet is so high I have to climb to find anything. This is the only true bit of storage in the entire room, so I’m quite thankful for it.
  • Our shower is exactly 31 inches wide. Yep, the door going into our bathroom is actually an inch wider than the shower.
  • There’s no room for any sort of storage in the shower, so all of our various bottles line the floor cutting our standing room down by several more inches. Showering in this shower could be considered an olympic sport.

Master Bathroom Before at BetweenWeekdays.com

  • There are two different colors of paint on the wall. I kid you not.
  • The shower is yellow, the tub is mauve, the toilet is off white, and the vanity top is white.
  • The sink doesn’t drain.
  • I was recently told that the toilet is not to code. Good news!
  • The light in the vent is cracked and doesn’t work.

There was never a need to spruce this bathroom up since we knew we’d eventually tear everything out and start over, which is why there’s still two shades of blue on the wall and missing electrical covers. We’ve been living with this space for far too long, and I’m so ready for a change.

Master Bathroom Before at BetweenWeekdays.comSo, what’s the plan for this space? I’ll tell you soon! Happy Friday, friends!

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The Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013, Part VI: The Master Suite

We’ve changed out or replaced the majority of the light fixtures inside our home, but there are a few we aren’t touching… at least not for now, including all of the lighting within the master suite.

Our master bedroom is huge. Because of this, we’re still trying to figure out how to best light the room. For now the futuristic ceiling fan stays.

MasterBedroomLightThis fixture puts off terrible light that doesn’t even illuminate the entire room. I know ceiling fans are popular here in the South, but we never use an overhead fan because they make me cough. This fixture does have one thing going for it, though:


A remote! Hopefully this “fancy” feature will help us sell it on Craigslist one day.

As for how we’re going to replace this light, I have a few ideas. But I haven’t decided on one just yet.  I like the idea of task lighting, but Travis isn’t sure if he’ll be able to install can lights. Originally, I wanted Pottery Barn’s Edison Light, but it’s no longer available. Even if it were, it wouldn’t be in my budget. Now, I’m leaning toward a black iron crystal chandelier. (You’ve already witnessed my love of crystal chandeliers here and here.)

In addition to the bedroom, our master suite also includes a bathroom and closet. Both of which are slated for major renovations. Luckily the main light in our master bathroom isn’t bad for now, since we’ll probably be saving money for a renovation for quite a while.

MasterBathLightNot bad, right? The master bathroom also has a lighted fan (with a heater) and a can light over the shower. We’ve got big plans for this room, so we actually haven’t touched a thing in it, so far. Not even the paint! I’m really excited to take on this project. Hopefully, we’ll get around to it in the next year or so.

Also included in the master suite is the walk-in closet, which sounds much more glamorous than it really is. Our closet has a window, which I love! That also means that we won’t have to rely solely on a fixture for lighting. For now, we can live with what was already there:


Yes, our closet is bad. No, I can’t reach any of my shoes. Yes, I know my purses deserve better storage than this. I’m hoping Travis and I can tackle this makeover sooner rather than later.

To catch up on any part of he Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013, click here. I think there will only be one more weekly post. Maybe. Stay tuned!

House Tour: Master Bedroom and Bathroom

I love our master bedroom. I do. It’s just the right size. It let’s in just the right amount of natural light. It’s completely comfortable. And it’s us. If any room in our house is us, I think it’s this one.

We’ve spent years collecting different pieces of furniture for this room. Isn’t it funny how your own space (in this case, the master bedroom) is at the end of the to-do list?

Did you notice the lampshades we recovered last year? They’re still one of my favorite projects to date.

Our bed is a massive California King. It’s funny because I’m 5’1, and my husband claims to be 5’9. I don’t think he’s actually that tall. In case you’re wondering, a California King is the longest bed you can buy.

It’s a long story. Before we were married, we were shopping in a small mall, which had a Bombay & Co. outlet. I fell in love with the bed frame, which we were told was a queen. The footboard was brown, but the headboard was black. So, in short, we scored such a fantastic deal on it that we had to have it. It sat in my in-laws basement for months waiting on us to be married. This was very convenient for me, because my mother-in-law stained the footboard black because she got tired of looking at the mismatched pieces. I told you it was a long story.

We recently purchased a Sleep Number mattress for this bed, so I suppose we’re stuck with a California King for the next 20 years. And, yes, the Sleep Number is magical. Travis’ sleep number is 35. Mine is sometimes 50 and sometimes 40. I’m indecisive like that.

The one thing I don’t like about this room is the closet.

think the photo above should speak for itself, but in case it doesn’t, this closet is teeny tiny. Originally this closet was only mine, but once we listed the house for sale, we downsized our wardrobes considerably to fit in into this one teeny tiny closet in order to make it appear like this house has ample storage.

Moving on…

This is my viewpoint from my side of the bed. You’ll notice the DIY paint chip art above the chest of drawers on the right. I just love it there. We only recently mounted the television, and it’s great to finally have it off of the furniture.

The doorway between the chests obviously leads to the master bathroom.

We thought long and hard about converting the tub into a shower, but, in the end, it just didn’t make sense. We’ve done virtually nothing to this space other than paint it and add some hardware and accessories. It’s not my most favorite room, but it’s sufficient.

The tour of the master bedroom and bathroom wraps up the main level of our home. Next, we’ll move into the downstairs apartment. If you’ve missed any of the tour, click here to go to a full listing of each room.

Source List:

Bed Frame: Bombay & Co.
Mattress: Sleep Number m7 bed
Nightstands: IKEA RAST 3-Drawer Chest, stained black
Tall Chest of Drawers: Ashley Furniture (The link is very similar to the chest we own.)
Short Chest of Drawers: IKEA HEMNES 3-Drawer Chest
Bedding: Macy’s, gifted
Artwork: Kirkland’s

Paint Color: Autumn Fog, Valspar

Update: I’m linking up to Thrifty Decor Chick’s Show Us Your Bedrooms party.

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