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Blue House Tour: Back Guest Bedroom

I’m so excited to finally be showing off our new-to-us blue house! This week, we’re continuing the tour in the back guest bedroom. The floor plan below has been updated with a handy little arrow pointing out exactly where we are in the house for this part of the tour. Much like the front guest […]

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House Tour: Downstairs Guest Bedroom

There’s only one room left on our house tour: the downstairs guest bedroom. I’ve blogged about this room before, but it has only recently been finished. We purchased the bed about a year or so ago, but it sat without bedding for a long time. When we decided to list the house, I knew I […]

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House Tour: Guest Bedroom

Welcome back to the tour of our current house! We’re hoping to sell our house this year, so a blog tour of each room seemed like a good way to remember our first home. We’ve already toured the living room, the eat-in kitchen and the office. Next up is the upstairs guest bedroom. Many guests […]

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Updating Tired Lamps

We had a pair of lamps in our bedroom that we bought at Wal Mart about three or four years ago for $10 each. We knew they were just a temporary solution, but the pair ended up living in our bedroom for way too long as far, as I’m concerned. When we began working on […]

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Second Guest Bedroom Updates

This is our second guest bedroom. It’s a bit of an eyesore. This bedroom is located downstairs in the apartment, or in-law suite. We also have a full kitchen, bathroom and massive living room (currently the man cave) downstairs in the apartment. We briefly considered renting the apartment, but it didn’t make sense for us […]

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