49¢ DIY Chandelier Art

I really can’t remember the last time I crafted anything. I’m going to guess I last got my craft on in October 2012. And before that? Who knows. Last year was not the year of crafting since our house was on the market. We had showings so frequently that it wasn’t possible to create a mess, and to me, crafting = mess.

Now that we’re in the new house, though, I think it’s high time I get my crafting on. Ironically, the box of crafting supplies was one of the first unpacked.

I was browsing the sales in the Silhouette store the other day when I noticed a really cute chandelier marked down to 49¢. I knew immediately I wanted to use it to make some new DIY art for my new office.


With my new chandelier silhouette purchased, I shopped the house to see what I had on hand that I could use for this project. I found a piece of leftover scrapbook paper from another project in my office supplies and an empty Ikea frame in a partially-unpacked box. Score!

I decided to cut the chandelier with my Silhouette SD on a piece of black vinyl, and with that, my supplies were gathered.


From this point, I’d guess that the rest of the project took less than 10 minutes. It went a little something like this:

  • Remove back of frame and use it to cut scrapbook paper to size
  • Remove negative pieces of vinyl


  •  Transfer vinyl to transfer tape paper
  • Transfer vinyl to scrapbook paper
  • Center new art in frame and replace the backing
  • Pop up on a shelf and enjoy!


Ta da! So far, I’m loving it! Plus, knowing that I only have 49¢ in this entire project will make it easier to replace down the line. What have you been crafting lately? Please tell me you’ve gotten your craft on lately more than I have.

DIY Map Art

A couple of years ago, map art was all the rage. I suppose it still is. Like everyone else, I jumped on the bandwagon (like I did with my DIY paint chip art) and fashioned my very own map art. It has been hanging in my office for at least two years now, and I’m still in love with it.

I bought a $5 dollar map of my current city, and found the most visually interesting part of the map to frame. Lucky for me, Chattanooga is a dynamic town with lots of streets, a river and mountains. It looks lovely framed.

You’ll notice my ironing efforts went largely unnoticed by my map. Luckily, it’s barely noticeable indoors.

At first I was disappointed that my street wasn’t included in the framed map, but then I realized this was another opportunity to bring some art to the other side of the office for the bookcase.

I gathered my supplies: the remainder of my map, a frame, sewing needles and red thread. (Sorry for the horrid photo taken years ago.) Do you see where this is going?

I stitched a red heart around our street and added it to the IKEA frame. Voila! Cute, personalized and cheap art.

I’m looking forward to creating a few more pieces of map art once we move. I also plan to keep these pieces around, because, after all, Chattanooga was our first home as a married couple. We’ve had a lot of fun here.

I’ve got some great ideas for transitioning the heart map art to include more details of our first home. This is my inspiration:

I absolutely love the placement of the photo in the middle. I’d like to add the embroidered map in the bottom, and then frame our house keys at the top. I think it’d be adorable, plus I have visions of having a huge wall of frames in our future house.

What have you been DIY-ing lately (or years ago, if you’re like me)?

House Tour: The Office

Welcome back to the tour of our current abode! We recently decided to try to sell our house, so I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane by revisiting each room in our current home. We’ve already toured the living room and our eat-in kitchen. Up next is the office, which is actually one of three bedrooms on the main floor.

When we bought the house back in 2009, this room was sporting bright blue paint on the walls, a damaged (in more ways than one) ceiling fan, and a fancy water stain on the ceiling. Very nice!

A quick repair to the roof fixed a leak leaving us able to patch the ceiling and repaint. Did I mention that every single ceiling in this house had to be painted before we could move in? Luckily, this was the only one with water damage, but the rest were just plain gross.

Today, this angle of the room room looks way better.

The “new” ceiling fan was originally in the master bedroom. We actually lived with the old fan (which didn’t even work) in this room until about a year ago when we decided to upgrade the lighting in our bedroom.

Our office serves a dual purpose. It is first and foremost an office, but it can also function as a guest room in a pinch thanks to a futon.

The futon is extremely comfortable. We should know since we spent our first two weeks in this house sleeping on it. Travis’ parents slept on our bed during the first couple of weeks in the new house. They graciously offered to move in for a few weeks and help us renovate. The very least we could do was make sure they had a decent place to sleep.

Above the futon is a frame collage that I absolutely adore.

Most of the art was either free (see source list below) or DIY. A few of the frames were depersonalized once we decided to try to list our house for sell. Below is a collage of some of the original art that was switched out. Please excuse the extremely poor photo quality as these were taken on my then phone a few years back.

The “art” shown above includes a favorite bible verse, a couple of our engagement pictures surrounding our last name’s initial, and our wedding vows via Wordle. Some other DIY art that made the cut and was able to stay in the room: a map of our current city and a DIY letter/number project.

The other side of the room contains all of the office functions.

This is the spot where I blog, pay bills, shop online and occasionally pick up some freelance work. I painted the wall behind the desk a cheery green. I once had an office with green walls, and I found it so energizing and refreshing that I decided to bring the concept home. The rest of the walls are painted a muted color, but there are pops of green throughout the room in the artwork and pillows to tie it all together.

The bookshelf was also depersonalized once we made the decision to list our house for sale, but I really like how it’s turned out. Pretty on the top and functional on the bottom. The box on the second shelf from the top holds our wedding mementos; you know, the sprig of crystals from my bouquet, extra invitations and programs, a candle that burned during our reception, etc. I would love to eventually stack another box on top to squeeze even more hidden storage into this shelf. The books on the top shelf are all from McKay. I don’t think any one of them cost more than $2 or $3, and several were less than $1. And, again, all the art is either free or DIY.

The only item hanging on my green wall is a DIY French memo board. (Sorry there’s no tutorial for this project, but there are tons online!) The ribbon is velvet which ties in to the black velvet design on the fabric. This is one of my DIY projects that I’m most proud of. It’s nothing too fancy, but everything came together beautifully. You may have noticed that this fabric was also carried over to the bottom of the drapery panels framing the window. Of course, this board was once full of personal mementos and photographs, but it has been depersonalized. I actually think I like it better this way!

In the interest of keeping it real, behold the interior of the office closet.

At one time, this closet housed all of Travis’ work clothes and was quite full. Now it merely holds extra paper and luggage along with a couple of other miscellaneous items.

I love this room. Every detail came together beautifully to create a pretty and functional room for our family. It will be important that our next house also have a functional (and pretty) office space, because I’m planning to pursue more freelance work opportunities in the near future.

Free Art Source List:

I’ve listed below a few of my favorite sources for free art. I’m always adding more to my Pinterest Board “Printables,” so be sure to follow me there for new free printable art and other printables.

Room Source List:

Desk: Walmart, Better Homes and Garden Autumn Lane Writing Desk
Book Shelf: Walmart, South Shore Gascony Collection
Side Table: IKEA, LACK
Futon: Walmart, Mainstays Mission Wood Arm Futon (This is similar to the futon we have)
Computer: iMac
Printer: Amazon, HP Photosmart 6510 All-In-One Printer
Frames for Collage: Michales,
Lamps: HomeGoods
Pillows: HomeGoods, Walmart, Hobby Lobby

Paint Colors:

Main Room Color: Khaki Shade by Sherwin Williams
Accent Wall: This was an oops can of paint. The brand is Valspar, but I couldn’t find any identifying markings to know what the paint color is. Sorry! It reminds me of a granny smith apple in person, if that helps at all.

We still have a lot more rooms on the tour of our current house. I hope you’ll join me as I continue showing you the home we have loved for the past three and a half years.

Update: A new page has been added that lists the entire house tour. To see the entire house tour, click here.

DIY Calendar Art

Every year my mother gets me a calendar. When I was younger, it might have been of puppies, ballet or whatever my current interest might have been. Now, that I’m older, she gets me a calendar for my kitchen. It’s always the same theme: fat chefs.

I always keep the calendars. You just never know when you’re going to need some art on the cheap.


A couple years in a row, my mother bought me a calendar that was made by the same company. The art for the months all worked well together and featured the same border.  I knew I would create wall art from these calendars when we moved into our house.  After all, the tall, blank wall behind the table in the eat-in kitchen was screaming for some love.

I cut out the calendar pages with a razor blade and then took them to Hobby Lobby’s framing department when frames were on sale.  After speaking with an associate in the framing department, we figured out buying ready-made frames would be the most cost effective. So I loaded up my cart with six frames all at 50 percent off.

Here’s where it gets exciting. Hobby Lobby will cut custom mats for you and install your art with mats into the ready-made frames all at 50 percent off. Score! Each frame with mat and art in place cost me around $10. I only had to wait a few days to come back and pick them up.

Once we had the frames home, the husband busted out his math skills to figure out the perfect grid on the kitchen/dining wall.

We tried a few different arrangements, but in the end, we settled on a simple grid that we both loved.

These frames were among the first to be hung in our home back in 2009, and we still love them.

What art have you DIY’d lately?

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