Pinterest-Inspired Baby Shower Projects

Last week I shared with you some of what I’ve been pinning for an upcoming baby shower I’m throwing for a pair of dear friends. Today, I want to show you what I’ve been working on.

Feed the Pig

Feed the Pig Baby Shower Decor

I just love this idea. I found the white piggy bank at Walmart for $3. I already had the paper and ribbon on hand. I love that the piggy bank is a simple white, because it will easily fit into any nursery’s design.

The piggy bank and whatever collects inside will go home with the parents-to-be at the end of the shower. I may have already added some contents to Sir Piggy.

I first saw inspiration for this project here.

Daddy-to-Be Corsage

I obviously don’t except the soon-to-be dad to wear a floral corsage with billowing ribbons, but I think this version might just suit him

Dad-to-Be Corsage from

The adorable baby and stork picture was free clipart I found online. I simply saved it to my computer, opened it in PicMonkey and added the words. Then I added the ribbon and glued it all together. Simple and free!

I first saw inspiration for this project here.

Cast Your Vote Gender Chalkboard

Chalkboards are all over Pinterest, so it’s about time I jumped on board, too!

Cast Your Vote Gender Chalk Board from

Have I mentioned that the gender of the baby is unknown? The parents are hoping to find out the gender before baby is born, but that won’t happen before their shower. This is the closest thing to a game we’ll have for guests, so hopefully they will really enjoy making predictions.

I purchased the chalk board at a yard sale for $2 and added the words with my Silhouette SD. I already had the jars holding the chalk, which I think was around .89¢ for a four pack I’ll let our nephew play with this summer. Once again, this is another inexpensive project ringing in at around $3.

I first saw inspiration for this project here.

Faux Floral Corsage

DIY Baby Shower Corsage from

Admittedly, I pinned myself for this project, since I knew I wanted to make a corsage similar to the one I made for my Sister-in-Law. The only difference between how I made this one and the zebra corsage is that this corsage does not have a removable hair bow. Since we don’t know the gender of the baby, I didn’t feel that step was necessary. However, the mom-to-be can cut off the ribbons and still use the flower as a pin if she wants to after the shower.

Click here for the full tutorial to make your own corsage.

Framed Onesie Line

Framed Onesie Line from

I love this. I think it is simple and beautiful. I also love that I got the frame for FREE at a yard sale. The onesies were around $6 and will go home with the parents at the end of the shower. I’m guessing the parents will get sick of yellow pretty soon, so these are all size newborn.

To make this I cleaned up the ivory frame and stapled ribbon to the inside edge of the frame where the glass would go with a staple gun. The clothespins were each painted turquoise on the sides and backs, and then I Mod Podged strips of paper to the front. I’ll also send home the clothespins with the parents.

This project is similar to the clothespin line I created for my sister-in-law.

I first saw inspiration for this project here.

That’s the round-up of Pinterest-inspired baby shower projects. I’m really pleased with how well all of these turned out. I’m looking forward to sharing more details of the baby shower with you soon! The shower is the first weekend in June, and I’m already well on track to being ready well in advance.

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Pretty In Pink [and zebra] Baby Shower

The baby shower I’ve been planning for my sister-in-law during the past month was a huge success!


The expectant mom was feeling well and looking pretty in the corsage I crafted for her.


We had more food than we could possibly eat.


And a cake that was provided by the expectant mom’s family. I would have never picked out a cake like this, so I was so happy she was able to have exactly what she wanted.


At the end of baby shower day, I think this was one happy little family.

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Crafting a Hot Pink and Zebra Baby Shower Corsage

Getting the House Ready

Planning a Baby Shower

Crafting a Hot Pink and Zebra Baby Shower Corsage

With my sister’s-in-law baby shower less than a month away, I’ve been in full planning and cleaning modes. But I’ve also been getting a little crafty, too! I made her the cutest corsage to wear during the shower.



Here’s how I did it:



Lots of coordinating ribbon
Card stock, cut into two circles
Flower hair bow (I purchased this one at Hobby Lobby)

Step 1: Cut a slit into the card stock for the hair bow. This way, the bow can be removed from the corsage after the shower and used again.


Step 2: Staple ribbons onto card stock in any pattern you want. You’ll be left with a pretty unsightly piece of card stock, but don’t worry! We’re going to cover that up in a minute.



Step 3: Hot glue your other piece of card stock on top of the first to hide the staples. Cut a slit through the second piece of card stock that matched the first.

That’s it! Easy peasy, plus I think it’s pretty cute. If the ribbon is too long, I can trim it down before the shower. Here’s hoping she loves it!

BetweenWeekdays: DIY Baby Shower Corsage

I’m beginning to knock items off of my to-do list. Here’s my progress so far:

  • Finish decorating, renovating, painting, unpacking, etc. our house. This is a priority No.1. Not all of the rooms have to be perfect, but the main areas of the house need to be presentable.
  • Plan a menu — See here.
  • Coordinate pet sitters for the day of.
  • Craft a corsage for the guest of honor.
  • Buy paper plates, cups, utensilsnapkins.
  • Purchase food. Ask mother-in-law to help.
  • Purchase balloons for outdoor decor and to alert friends and family where we live since this will be the first time most people have been to our house.
  • Rent or DIY table linens.
  • Rent/borrow extra tables.
  • Rent/Purchase ice bucket and scoop. Don’t forget to buy ice on the day of the shower!
  • DIY/Purchase decor. I’ve got some cute ideas!
  • Do I have enough serving dishes for food? Rent/borrow/purchase extras, if needed.
  • Order invitations. Ask grandparents to address and mail out.
  • Plan and coordinate games. I don’t want to do the typical baby shower games, so I’m thinking door prizes instead.
  • Purchase favors. This is done! I bought these cuties and can’t wait for them to arrive.
  • Decorate favor display stand.

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