Goodbye Rusty

I wrote about our new garage door awhile back. When our old door finally gave out on us, we decided to upgrade to a carriage-style garage door.

New Garage Door at

We love the windows at the top of the door, the panel details, and, of course, the hardware. However, we were not loving the lights on either side of our garage door.


This was how I was greeted to my home every single time I pulled in the driveway. This is what greeted all of our guests. This was bad. This had to go.

After a quick trip to Lowe’s, I fell in love with this beauty:

The Portfolio Brayden wall lantern checked all the boxes for my lighting needs: updated style, brighter (two bulbs), bigger, and it was in the correct color. Plus, it was a great price at just under $60. My electrician husband was able to quickly wire the new lights in place, and we were left with a much improved outdoor space.

New Garage Lights at

Now I’m greeted each day by these beauties which dramatically help improve our curb appeal. We still have a lot left we need to do to improve the outside of our home, but this was an easy, quick fix to help us get motivated to tackle the other, larger outdoor home improvement tasks ahead. I’m looking at you overgrown shrubs!

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A New Garage Door!

I’ve been meaning to write about our new garage door for about a year now. #oops

When we bought our house, the garage door had a slight crack in one of the panels, and we knew it would eventually need to be replaced. Over time the crack grew larger.

New Garage Door at

And finally, it split down the entire panel. I don’t have a photo, but needless to say, we never again opened the original garage door after that happened.

So, we called in the professions and chose a new garage door design. In just a few days, we had a brand new garage door! We upgraded to a carriage style door with tinted windows in the upper panel and decorative details.

New Garage Door at

It’s pretty common knowledge that garage doors can increase the value of your home (herehere, and here),so this is one expense that should pay off for us in the long run. Most of the homes in our neighborhood still have the plain white garage doors. I feel like our garage door fits in well with the neighborhood, while still being stylish.

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