Blue House Tour: Master Bathroom (Before)

Our master bathroom is a hot mess. And I do not use that term lightly, hence the italics. My one condition when we purchased this house was that we would gut the bathroom as soon as possible. Two years later, we’re still living with our master bathroom… but not for long! With changes on the horizon (hallelujah), I thought it was high time I share the master bathroom we’ve been living with for the past couple of years.


Master Bathroom Before at

While it may not look so bad on the surface, let me give you a few details.

  • The above photo was taken on a sunny day with all the bedroom windows open and a light kit. The room is like a cave of darkness. Have you ever applied makeup in a cave of darkness? It’s a fun time. 
  • The large jacuzzi tub works, but it spurts black “stuff” everywhere. Plus the bottom is stained with what I can only imagine to be cigarettes that were thrown in while still lit. Classy!
  • There is barely any storage in this bathroom. See the towels sitting on a $5 yard sale table? Also, please notice the teensy tiny drawers on the vanity. I have two to my name, Travis has one, and some cleaning supplies resides in the fourth.
  • The cabinet above the toilet is so high I have to climb to find anything. This is the only true bit of storage in the entire room, so I’m quite thankful for it.
  • Our shower is exactly 31 inches wide. Yep, the door going into our bathroom is actually an inch wider than the shower.
  • There’s no room for any sort of storage in the shower, so all of our various bottles line the floor cutting our standing room down by several more inches. Showering in this shower could be considered an olympic sport.

Master Bathroom Before at

  • There are two different colors of paint on the wall. I kid you not.
  • The shower is yellow, the tub is mauve, the toilet is off white, and the vanity top is white.
  • The sink doesn’t drain.
  • I was recently told that the toilet is not to code. Good news!
  • The light in the vent is cracked and doesn’t work.

There was never a need to spruce this bathroom up since we knew we’d eventually tear everything out and start over, which is why there’s still two shades of blue on the wall and missing electrical covers. We’ve been living with this space for far too long, and I’m so ready for a change.

Master Bathroom Before at BetweenWeekdays.comSo, what’s the plan for this space? I’ll tell you soon! Happy Friday, friends!

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Blue House Tour: The Office

We’ve already wrapped up the tour of the guest rooms, and now we’re moving into one of the rooms where I spend the majority of my time: my office, also known as the sunroom. This is where I do all of my blogging, crafting, bill paying, etc.


BetweenWeekdays Floor Plan_Office

As a reminder, here’s the before of this room:


The previous owners also used the sunroom as an office, and it’s funny to look back at how different this room is now. Today, it’s sporting a new paint color, a new light and a whole new set of furniture and accessories.

The yellow walls and window valances just weren’t doing it for me, so we removed the valances and painted the room what I thought would be a deep gray. It ended up being a very pretty blue that sometimes looks gray when the sun hits just right (color below).

The Office at

While I wish the room was larger, I’m really pleased with just how functional it actually is. The room may have wall-to-wall furniture, but it doesn’t feel cramped at all thanks to the large windows and openness to the living room.

The Office at

(Yes, that’s Winter’s litter box. I know it would have been prettier to remove it for the photo, but this is real life!)

In our first house, we had two separate office spaces: the office upstairs and a corner of the downstairs living room. The office upstairs functioned as an occasional guest room and a space for our desktop computer to live. It was mostly unused after we purchased my MacBook Pro. I did the majority of my crafting downstairs. Having two separate office spaces kept me running back and forth a lot, so I’m definitely glad to have one office space now.

The Office at

I have a lot of storage in this space thanks to an armoire we purchased off of Craigslist that Travis retrofitted for all of my crafting supplies in the top. The printer and more traditional office supplies are in the bottom. I also have a bookshelf and a few desk drawers for storage.  A trunk in the corner houses all of our board games. Since my storage space is limited, it really helps me limit what I bring into the space.

The Office at

One day soon I hope to show you exactly how I’ve utilized the armoire for all of my storage needs.

I’ll admit that I did compromise on the office space when we purchased this house, but, so far, it’s working really well for me. I like that I’m not separated from the rest of the house, plus having my office right off the living room forces me to keep it picked up.

Room Source List:

Armoire: Craigslist
Book Shelf: Walmart, South Shore Gascony Collection
Chairs: Kirkland’s, HomeGoods
Chandelier: Overstock
Computer: iMac
Computer Desk: Walmart, Better Homes and Garden Autumn Lane Writing Desk
Crafting Desk: IKEA
Lamps: HomeGoods, Rooms to Go
Wall Art: Kirkland’s, Etsy

Paint Color: Mark Twain House Ombra Gray, Valspar

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Blue House Tour: Back Guest Bedroom

I’m so excited to finally be showing off our new-to-us blue house! This week, we’re continuing the tour in the back guest bedroom. The floor plan below has been updated with a handy little arrow pointing out exactly where we are in the house for this part of the tour.

blue-house_BackGuestBedromMuch like the front guest bedroom, we didn’t need to do much to this room other than clean and add a fresh coat of paint. Just as a reminder here’s what the room looked like when we moved in:


The back guest bedroom is the top set of pictures. The room came equipped with hardwood floors, a decent ceiling fan and a window that lets in quite a bit of natural light. These days the room is looking a bit more like us.

BetweenWeekdays Back Guest Bedroom

Ahhh. Much better. Yes?

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you might recognize this furniture from the upstairs guest bedroom in our first home. This furniture is the furniture I grew up with (after the bunk bed phase) at my Dad’s house. I loved this furniture then, and I still love it now.

Quick tip: if you don’t like the look of a bed skirt but still want to conceal the area under the bed, buy your bedding a size too large. I bought a queen-sized quilt for this twin-sized bed. The quilt just barely skims the floor — eliminating the need for a bed skirt — and looks lovely. Plus, guests are able to double it over if they get cold during the night. It’s a win-win-win.


In our last house we moved the armoire into storage while the house was for sale. It fits much more nicely in this room and boasts a ton of extra storage, which I’m finding I don’t need quite as much of in this house.

BetweenWeekdays Back Guest Bedroom Details

The Greek Key rug was a great find at Lowe’s a few weeks ago. The 5’x8′ rug was only $84! It’s gorgeous and so plush. I knew this room would need a rug, because the floors are pretty messed up in the middle of this room. There are deep scratches in the wood with black stains in the scratches. This rug works perfectly in this room. (One of my favorite bloggers also has this rug.)

The curtains and curtain rod are also from Lowe’s. I’m always surprised at just how much I love the product lines there. Allen + Roth proves to be my favorite, as I have many pieces around my home from that line, including the curtain panel and rug in this room.


I’m really loving how well our furniture fits in this room. I was so worried about the size of the guest rooms when we were looking to buy this house. They seemed so small then. With our furniture in them now, I’m realizing that the guest rooms are the perfect sizes.

There’s still quite a bit left to do to this room. I’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way!

Source List:

Alarm Clock, Gifted
Bird Sculptures: Dollar Tree
Curtain Rod: Lowe’s
Drapes: Lowe’s, Allen + Roth Danbury Curtain Panel in Basil
Flowers: Hobby Lobby
Furniture: Gifted
Framed Michael Sowa Diving Pig Art: Kirklands
Lamp: Home Goods
Quilt: Belk
Rug: Allen + Roth Greek Key Geometric in Beige
Winged Pig: Kirkland’s

Paint Color: Montpelier Madison White, Valspar

Blue House Tour: Front Guest Bedroom

I think it’s high time I gave a tour of our new-to-us blue house! Keep in mind, that we’ve only been here since December 28, 2012, so many spaces aren’t anywhere near being complete.

Today, we’re kicking off the tour in what I call the front guest bedroom. We’re beginning the tour in this room because it’s is the most done. (At least for now.)


The floor plan was originally seen here, but I’ve updated it with a handy little giant arrow pointing out where we are in the house. This room contains the full bedroom furniture that originally lived in the downstairs bedroom in our first house. Unfortunately, it didn’t see a lot of use in our first house, but I think it will become the bedroom of choice for guests in our new house.

Before I jump into the pictures of how this room looks now, let’s look back at the before:


The front guest bedroom is actually the second set of photos above. We had a nice, clean (ish) room to start with, so all we had to do was paint and change out the light fixture. The room, of course, received a nice scrubbing before we began painting. Oddly enough, we found a huge stash of cigarette butts stuffed in one of the air returns. Gross!

The room looks a bit different now. And I’ve got to say, I love it!


As you step into the room, the bed becomes the main focus. It is my belief that a bed can never have too many pillows. Especially a bed that isn’t used daily.


To the right of the bed, is a nightstand. I actually rescued it from a giant trash pile. All it needed was a good cleaning and some furniture polish.


Atop the nightstand is a picture of my late Papaw. He actually enlisted when he was just 17. On the shelf below are a few of my favorite children’s books. I’m a huge book lover, and children’s books are some of my favorites. My childhood copy of “Love You Forever” is protected in the basket. Also displayed is a Willow Tree figure my father got me several years ago. Needless to say, this little table holds many of my sentimental treasures.

To the right of the bed is a quilt ladder that also holds one of my most valued possessions.


The ladder was actually our first ladder. It was so unstable, that Travis didn’t even want me to climb it. Something about my poor balance or something like that. Whatever. After we got a decent ladder, I took our old one apart, cleaned it up, added some felt to the back and rungs, and called it a quilt ladder! I didn’t paint it or anything, since I think the paint spots make it more unique.

The quilt on the top was made by my Nana (grandmother) out of material she bought to make girl scout uniforms for her and my Mother, who quite the scouts before the uniforms could be made.  This is one of two quilts I have made by my Nana. She’s actually in the process of making a quilt that will fit our bed for next winter. She’s designed it herself! The two quilts on the bottom are massed produced and not special, so I hope to one day replace them.

Directly opposite the bed are a couple of other furniture pieces along with some trash-to-treasure art.


The little chest was in my bedroom at my Nana’s big house (as we called it). She recently downsized to a condo. It amazingly still smells like her house inside the drawers. I will probably eventually paint this piece and add some new hardware. It has so many layers of paint on it now, so I’ve been putting that little project it off for awhile. It accidentally landed in the corner of the room one day, and I liked it so much I kept it there. Normally I’m not a huge fan of corner furniture placement, so I surprised myself.

The art on the wall was also picked from the same trash pile as the nightstand. I had them framed at Hobby Lobby for about $30 each. Here’s a better picture of the art when it was still in our first house:

TrashtoTreasureArtQuaint, yes? This room definitely has a slightly vintage vibe going on. Even though the art is signed, it’s still only worth about $7. If it had been worth something, I probably would have tried to sell it on eBay, even though I loved it.

At the foot of the bed is a cedar chest Travis’ parents gave us as a wedding present.


It is absolutely beautiful. I’m not sure where they found it, as they seem to collect cedar chests.


I think the little heart on the side is so appropriate since this was a wedding gift. Travis’ brother and sister-in-law also received a cedar chest as a wedding gift. Between you and me, ours is much prettier.

We still have a little bit of work left to do in this room. None of the doors or door casings have been painted white yet. Painting doors is a big job that requires nice weather since each door has to be taken down and painted outside.


Other than painting the door, there isn’t much left to do in here. I might eventually update the light fixture and line the curtains. We’d definitely like to add crown molding at some point. Who knows how this room will transform throughout the years. I’m in no hurry to find out.

For now, we’re just looking forward to seeing who will be the first guest to sleep here.


Source List:

Alarm Clock: Kohl’s
Art: Picked from Trash, Frames from Hobby Lobby
Bed: Local Discount Furniture Store
Bed Quilt: Pottery Barn Matine Toile Quit in Navy, sadly no longer available in navy
Cedar Chest: Gifted
Curtains: Lowe’s, Waverly Indigo Home Classics Curtain Panel
Dresser: Gifted
Lamp: Hobby Lobby
Light Fixture: Moved from Office
Nightstand: Picked from Trash
Quilt Ladder: DIY
Wreath: Joann

Paint Color: Montpelier Madison White, Valspar

Want to see how this furniture was used in our first house? Click here to read all about the downstairs guest bedroom.


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