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Sitting Room Reveal

About a year ago, I realised that we rarely, if ever, used our back guest bedroom. Most of our guests prefer to sleep in the larger, full-size bed in our front guest bedroom. Not only is the bed bigger, but the room is more put together in terms of welcoming a guest.  So, I decided that the […]

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Easy Do It Yourself Dreamcatcher

Recently, I made a DIY dreamcatcher for my sitting room, and I thought it might be fun to share it with you! Supplies: Lace Fabric Yarn Embroidery Hoop Faux Flowers Steps: Add lace fabric to an embroidery hoop and trim excess fabric from the back. (You could add a little glue at this point, but […]

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The Evolution of a Wreath

I’ve made a lot of wreaths, but one I made recently for my new sitting room might just be my favorite ever. I captured a SnapChat story of the process, and it seemed like a fun thing to share here on the blog, too. Step one: Step Two: Step Three: All of the flowers came […]

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Top 10 Most Pinned Posts

We are having a dreary, rainy day here in Tennessee, so naturally I’ve been wasting time on Pinterest. During a search for a housewarming gift, a project of mine popped up (See number 9 below)! This exciting find led me on a hunt to find my post popular posts on Pinterest. 1. Three Easy Kabob Recipes […]

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DIY Keepsake Art

A few months ago, I mentioned that I wanted to make some keepsake art in order to commemorate our first home together. It’s no secret that I adored our first house, so some keepsake art seemed in order. I found inspiration for this project awhile ago at Our Fifth House. Is that not a precious […]

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49¢ DIY Chandelier Art

I really can’t remember the last time I crafted anything. I’m going to guess I last got my craft on in October 2012. And before that? Who knows. Last year was not the year of crafting since our house was on the market. We had showings so frequently that it wasn’t possible to create a […]

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House Tour: Downstairs Guest Bedroom

There’s only one room left on our house tour: the downstairs guest bedroom. I’ve blogged about this room before, but it has only recently been finished. We purchased the bed about a year or so ago, but it sat without bedding for a long time. When we decided to list the house, I knew I […]

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DIY Map Art

A couple of years ago, map art was all the rage. I suppose it still is. Like everyone else, I jumped on the bandwagon (like I did with my DIY paint chip art) and fashioned my very own map art. It has been hanging in my office for at least two years now, and I’m […]

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House Tour: Master Bedroom and Bathroom

I love our master bedroom. I do. It’s just the right size. It let’s in just the right amount of natural light. It’s completely comfortable. And it’s us. If any room in our house is us, I think it’s this one. We’ve spent years collecting different pieces of furniture for this room. Isn’t it funny […]

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DIY Paint Chip Art

I’ve been on the paint chip art bandwagon for awhile now. In fact, I actually made this piece of art back in April of 2011. I just never shared it. Oops! You see, I actually worked on this during a week when we didn’t have power following a line of tornadoes that moved through our […]

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