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Realizing Our Dream for a Pool One Step at a Time

August 21, 2017

This is a big week around our house: our fiberglass pool shell is scheduled to arrive on Friday! We are so excited to begin this major project that has been many, many months in the making. In actuality, we’ve been discussing our desire to add a pool to our property since we moved here in 2012. We are beyond excited to be so close to seeing our dream finally come true.

During the past several months we had a few important — and often time-consuming — tasks to complete in order to realize our dream of adding a pool, so I thought it might be helpful to outline the steps we took in case someone else is considering tackling a similar renovation. Please note that different neighborhoods, states, budgets, desires, etc. will likely have different steps, considerations, and timelines. In no particular order, here are the steps we took to add a pool to our yard:

  1. Choose a type of pool. After researching our area, needs, and budget, we decided a fiberglass pool with a saltwater system and heater would work well for us while also being a good size for our property.
  2. Choose a location. Our yard sits at the bottom of a large hill, so it is mostly flat. However, we had to choose a location that was the flattest and would not greatly interfere with rainwater runoff from the top of the hill. Rainwater runoff will hopefully travel between the edge of the pool and the side of the house. However, we may have to put a drain in if we notice too much runoff entering the pool.
  3. Survey property. We had a professional survey done to ensure our pool location would, in fact, be on within property lines and not our neighbors’. We were surprised to learn that our property is much wider than expected, so we had no concerns here.
  4. Call 811. Within a matter of days of calling the 811 number, crews came out to mark gas, electric, phone, and water lines for our property. Lucky for us, none of these were in the way of our desired pool location.
  5. Locate septic tank system. We knew where our septic tank was located, but we had no idea where the field lines were. After a call to our county’s local Department of Environment and Conservation office, I was able to receive a layout of our septic system. Our field lines are fortunately very far from the desired pool location. If the field lines had been in the way of the pool, this likely would have meant the project was a no-go from a budget perspective.
  6. Find a pool company. The pool company we chose is in a neighboring town and received excellent reviews. We were able to talk to someone on the phone to see if they were a good fit, and then we went in for an in-0ffice consultation. During the consultation, we selected the pool and finishes and made sure it all fit within our budget. We left knowing exactly how much money our new pool would cost.
  7. Get a loan. Getting a loan for our pool ended up being the most time-consuming part of the entire process. We had to decide what type of loan we needed (this was the easiest step of the loan process by far) and then find a lender. From there, we had to work through their process, which took a few months.
  8. Pool layout. Once the funds were in hand, the pool company came out to our house and laid out exactly where the pool would be, and we paid for the materials. At this point, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all our plans were finally in place.

This final step happened about 6 weeks ago, so we’ve just been waiting for the pool shell and other construction materials to arrive. Travis chose to do the electrical work for the pool himself since he’s a licensed electrician, so he’s been working on that as he has had time for the past week or so. We also trimmed up the magnolia trees that will border the pool. We’re hoping to keep them, but we are more than a little concerned about the potential debris. Later this week, we will remove the fence line and put up a temporary fence for the dogs.

Once the pool is in, we can move on to phase 2 of our massive outdoor renovation: a detached garage/pool house!

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!