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The Saga of Painting Our Kitchen Cabinets White

June 7, 2017

I started painting the cabinets in our kitchen back in 2013. It was a job that would, unfortunately, span over the course of several years. The process was long and frustrating, and it’s taken me a couple of years to feel like I could blog about it without sounding totally defeated.

In 2013, I was able to paint one-half of our kitchen cabinets, and, then, life happened. I went back to work (more than) full time. Over the course of about six months, I was finally able to paint one side of the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets looked amazing when I was done, but I just didn’t have the time to finish.

So, we lived with two-toned kitchen cabinets for about a year. At that point, it was obvious that we didn’t have the time required to finish painting the cabinets, so we hired it out. AND IT WAS TERRIBLE. The contractor didn’t listen to me, constantly discredited me, didn’t show up for weeks at a time, overcharged us, took our upper cabinets home to paint them, and basically let us know that he didn’t need this job. It took another eight months and a lot of frustration and prodding on our part to get the job finished.

In fact, after several calls to the owner of the construction company, I finally had to firmly say that I did not want the same painter to ever come back to my house. So, they pulled a really sweet man named Gary out of retirement to finish the job. Gary did much better and faster work! During this eight-month period, our dining room table was loaded down with everything from our upper cabinets, so we didn’t have use of half of the kitchen cabinets or the dining room for several months. We almost had to cancel Christmas. 

Just when we thought we were done, we realized that the original painter had damaged EVERY SINGLE piece of glass in our cabinets. So, they all had to be replaced. At this point, the owner of the company was so tired of dealing with us that it took several weeks of calling to get it fixed. Eventually, Gary, the second painter, picked up the glass and took it to a shop to have the glass replaced.

Of course, the replacement glass was terrible quality. We damaged one piece the very day they were installed. We took that one door to a local glass company, and they replaced it with much higher quality glass that very day for about $7. So far, the rest of the glass has not broken, but we are very careful when closing the doors.

At this point, we’ve had the cabinets completely painted for a couple of years. The side I painted has held up tremendously well. The other side has held up ok. Having bright white cabinets has really opened up the kitchen and added a ton of light, so I definitely don’t regret choosing to paint the cabinets. I wish that it had been a better experience.

Paint Colors:

We painted the inside of the glass-front cabinets the same color as the walls: Weathered Fossil by Valspar. We used Sherwin-Williams ProClassic paint and primer in Extra White for the exterior of the cabinets.

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