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Backyard Inspiration: Pool & Outdoor Kitchen

May 19, 2017

We’re considering tackling a LARGE outdoor renovation later this year that would entail adding a pool and a large detached garage to our yard. We have just under two acres in our subdivision, so we should have enough room to add these projects. Arriving at the decision to take on adding two expensive features was not easy. In fact, we spent years studying the housing market in our area, crunching numbers, and weighing the pros and cons of moving vs tackling a large backyard renovation. Ultimately, we decided to tackle the renovation instead of moving.

The plan is to add a fiberglass pool with a saltwater system as well as a detached garage on the side of our house. This allows us to keep the footprint of our large, fenced-in back yard. Our lot is one of the largest in our neighborhood, and the land directly beside our house is the largest and flattest making it the best option for the pool and garage. Plus, it’s a considerable distance from our septic tank and field lines. The garage will house a large workspace for vehicle maintenance and tool storage, loft storage, pool storage, a closet for my business storage, a bathroom, and outdoor kitchen. Yes, we’re hoping to cram a ton of function into this space! The bathroom, kitchen, and pool storage areas will be accessible from the pool. The tool and business storage areas and workspace will be accessible from a garage door facing the road. So the pool and outdoor living areas will be separate from the work and storage spaces.

We still have a lot to figure out, but I thought it would be fun to share some inspiration!

Clockwise from top left: fiberglass pool, hanging lights, inflatable lounge, outdoor kitchen, outdoor screen enclosure, shuttered kitchenette passthrough, hanging daybed. To see more of what I’m considering, check out my Pinterest board. I’ve already pinned a bunch of inspiration, and I’m sure I’ll pin much more.

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!