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2016 End-Of-Year Goal Check In

December 16, 2016

Back in January, I made a list of goals for the year ahead. Then, I checked in again in June to see if I had made any progress and also to see if I need to make any adjustments to my goals for the remainder of the year. Now that the year is over, it’s time to see if I accomplished the goals I set for myself back in January.

House Goals

I hope to accomplish much around the house this year. There’s a slight chance we will need to consider moving after I complete graduate school, so as much as I do not enjoy the thought of moving again I would like to be prepared as much as possible. Also, it’s much easier to coordinate home improvements while I’m working from home, which also may change after I have that diploma in hand. June update: we are no longer considering moving. My future job situation is still very much TBD. December update: We will NOT be moving, and my job situation is looking good. 

The Blue House at

  • Finish painting all of the doors black throughout our home. There’s only three left! December update: there’s only one door left! The weather got too cold to paint this last door. Overall, though, I’m very pleased with this progress!
  • Complete the kitchen cabinets. After months of working with a contractor, we are on schedule to complete the kitchen cabinets in the next few weeks. June update: thankfully this never-ending task is DONE. 
  • Tile kitchen backsplash. June update: this should probably move to 2017…possibly 2018. December update: I’ve begun ordering tile samples! Curious about what I’m considering? Check out my Pinterest board!
  • Replace dining room table. We’ve ordered a custom dining set, and we’re just waiting for it to be delivered.
  • Continue to steadily reduce clutter. June: steadily making progress. December: I actually just finished going through ALL of Travis’ clothes this week. I’m continually making steady progress reducing clutter.
  • Update the guest bathroomDecember update: Throughout the course of the year, this became a very low priority.
  • Continue the master bedroom closet makeover. June update: see the finished space here!
  • Stain the front porch and deck. June update: we’ve stripped the old stain from the porch! December update: The front porch is stained! We’re considering several different options for the back deck including remodeling and hiring out staining. 
  • Add risers to front porch stairs and skirting below the porch. December update: we added risers but ran out of time to add the deck skirting. Hopefully, we can cross this task off in the spring.
  • Continue making improvements to the outside of our home. In 2015, we repaired our fence and began working in the landscaping. This year I hope to accomplish a few more items to continue adding curb appeal to our blue houseDecember update: we’re getting there! I’d like to make a big push in 2017 to work on the outside of our home.
  • June update: finish my new sitting room. Details to come. 😉 December update: I just sold off the previous furniture that occupied this room, and I hope to have a completed space soon! However, I’m already enjoying spending much of my spare time in this room. I can’t wait to blog about it!
  • June update: take some new photos of the outside of our blue house. The one above is very old. December update: as soon as the front porch is finished, I’ll be sure to take loads of pictures of the front of our house!



  • Graduate from my graduate program. I am on track to complete courses at the end of the summer and to graduate in December with my MBA. June update: I have five weeks left of classes, a field test, and an exit survey separating me from my MBA. December: I’m finished! I graduated at the beginning of this month Summa Cume Laude. The only picture we took was a Snapchat selfie in the car after graduation. #photofail
  • Celebrate our 30th birthdays. We will both turn 30 in May this year.
  • Complete two Advocare 21 day challenges. June update: I’m down 15 pounds and feeling fabulous. Message me if you’re interested in learning more about Advocare. I plan to complete two more challenges this year.  
  • Blog one time per month. June update: so far, so good! I very nearly forgot to blog in May, though. December update: Poor July didn’t have a single post. 
  • Apply for adjunct professor positions. There’s a new program in our home state of Tennessee that provides a scholarship for high school seniors for two years of free tuition at community and technical colleges. It’s a wonderful program, and I’m hoping the influx of students will create more adjunct professor positions in our area. December update: still searching!

And that’s it! This year is really going to be about focusing on schoolwork for me. I may update these goals a bit as the year progresses, but as of right now, my focus is on continuing my education. June: at this point, I’m almost singularly focused on completing grad school. 

December update: It has been quite a year!

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