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Summer Garden Update

June 20, 2016

I planted my garden back in March, and I promised to update on whether or not my new weed prevention methods work. So far, the new planting method is working absolutely perfectly! (Click here to find out how I protected my raised bed against weeds!) I hardly ever have to weed my small garden, and my veggies and herbs are growing spectacularly well.

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After my original planting post, I also added a cinnamon basil plant and a zucchini plant. My area was late to receive zucchini plants, so it didn’t go in the ground until about a month ago. Even though it got a late start, it’s grown extremely well and is already quite a bit larger now than it was when I took this photo merely a week ago. I will actually be able to harvest my first zucchini later this week. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with the cinnamon basil, but it was too lovely and fragrant not to add it to my small bed.

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I chose to plant the cinnamon basil in a pot rather than directly in the garden bed for several reasons. First, I didn’t know a lot about this plant, and I didn’t have time to research it. I knew it would need to be transferred to some good soil before I would have the chance to properly research how to plant this herb. Second, I considered placing this plant on my back porch for decoration and easy access. However, after doing a small bit of research a few weeks later, I learned that cinnamon basil is a helper to tomato plants and can increase the taste of the tomatoes. So, I put the pot by the tomato cage. It receives better lighting there than it would on the porch anyway.

Speaking of tomato cages, my tomato plant has already completely outgrown its 5-foot cage! I’m sure to have more tomatoes than I know what to do with this summer, which is definitely a good problem to have.

Within the next week, I should start seeing veggies ready for harvest as I already have a red pepper waiting to turn red, a small zucchini, and several green and growing tomatoes. Happy gardening, friends!

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