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Stripping is Hard Work

June 1, 2016

Here’s what I learned on Memorial Day: stripping stain off of an extremely weathered front porch is seriously hard work, ya’ll.

I wrote about my desire to tackle a front porch renovation more than a year ago. Since then, I bought a bench and a few other miscellaneous pieces for the porch, while the stain continued to deteriorate. It was seriously embarrassing. After pressure washing the layer of grime off the porch, we were left with this unsightly mess:

Stripping Stain from Porch at

This is when we knew we’d need to use a stripper on the wood in order to totally clean it and rid it from its terrible stain. We chose to use Goof Off All Purpose Stripper, which we found at our local Lowe’s.

Stripping Stain from Porch at BetweenWeekdays.com2

There are two things you should note about this product:

  1. WEAR GLOVES. This stuff burns if it gets on your skin.
  2. It does not remove stain as well as it removes whatever is pictured on the can. However, it definitely will remove stain from wood with a bit of patience and elbow grease.

We found it was best to apply a thick layer of the stripper with an inexpensive paintbrush, wait a few minutes, and then apply another layer before even attempting to remove the stain. If the stain was still somewhat thick, we could scrape most of it off. However, the majority of the stain had to be scrubbed off by hand with a stripping pad. We found it was best to keep the stripping pad wet while scrubbing and to work in small sections so the stripping paste wouldn’t dry.

Stripping Stain from Porch at BetweenWeekdays.com3

After many, many hours of labor, we now have a front porch that is mostly stripped of its stain! However, we still need to remove the stain from our stairs before we can move on to the rest of our porch renovation plans.

The next step in the process is to choose a new stain color! Then we have quite a few other projects to tackle before we’ll be able to call this space complete. I’m hopeful removing this huge project from the list is just the motivation we need to finally get this space finished up!

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