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End of Year Goal Check In

December 30, 2015

Did you have a fabulous Christmas holiday? We sure did. Today, I’m checking back in on the goals I set for 2015 back in January and updated in June (see pink below). I experienced some major life changes this year, but I kept many of these goals throughout the year. See my updates below in purple.

Health and Fitness

  1. Continue seeing a chiropractor for migraines/headaches. This is actually a habit I started in 2014. Seeing a chiropractor has already greatly helped my headaches, and I’m hopeful it will continue helping. June update: I’ve continued to see my chiropractor, though not as regularly as before since he’s in another town. However, my headaches are still continuing to improve. I will continue these visits throughout the year. December update: I continued seeing my chiropractor throughout the year, and my migraines are finally under control. Although, a night guard made by my dentist this summer seemed to be the real turning point in migraine control.
  2. Drink more water and less sugary beverages. I’ve begun implementing this, and all I can say is, “I want a Coke. Now.” June update: I completely gave up drinking Coke! I do still have the occasional Dr. Pepper, but I’m definitely drinking more water. December update: my grad school schedule led be back to the sugary dark side. I’m currently drinking Dr. Pepper fairly regularly. However, I’m still drinking more water than I was at the start of this year.
  3. Exercise at least 3 times/week. I joined a gym a few weeks ago, and I’ve been going 3 times a week. I would like to incorporate more exercise into my weekends, though. Plus, there’s a Friday Zumba class I’d like to try! June update: This goal went out the window as soon as I lost my job. The gym membership just didn’t seem as important. I do try to take walks as often as the weather will allow, though. December update: We purchased bicycles in the fall, but the start of grad school was the final nail in the fitness coffin. 
  4. Lose 20 pounds. This won’t be fun. June update: Of course there’s been no progress here since I cancelled my gym membership. Maybe next year? December update: I lost 7 pounds on what I like to call the managerial accounting diet. 
  5. Eat balanced meals. I have two big problems: I don’t eat enough protein, and I really like sweets. June update: Since I’m at home now, I’ve made huge improvements in this area. Plus, we don’t eat out nearly as much as before. When I was working outside of my home, I would eat lunch out at least three times a week and dinner out at least four times. Now we eat at home. Check! December update: Check!

2015 Goal Setting at


  1. Read one book a month. No, not a book where I learn something; a book simply for enjoyment. June update: Do textbooks count? No. Oh well. December update: I continued to add to my list of read textbooks. 
  2. Watch less TV. Except for the Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey, of course. June update: I’ve improved, but we’re having a major love affair with Netflix this summer. December update:  Grad school was a big help inspiring me to watch less TV. However, over the Christmas break, we’ve binged on Netflix. I feel no shame. 
  3. Blog one time per month. I think I can manage 12 blog posts this year. June update: Check! I’ve exceeded this goal. December update: Check! I managed to blog at least one time each month this year. 
  4. Go outside more. Hello sunshine! June update: Check! I have a hammock on my wish list that will further help with this goal. 😉 December update: Check! I purchased that hammock and even managed to study outside some this fall. 


  1. Pay off the loan on our truck. We only have 2.6 payments left! June update: This is done! Having the truck paid off is a tremendous financial blessing. December update: Because of this, I’ve been able to pay extra each month on another loan, and we’re on track to have it paid off a full year early!
  2. Begin contributing to a 401K. I’m so excited to finally be eligible to contribute to my company’s 401K program. June update: Well, this didn’t happen. Sad face. December update: No updates. 
  3. Finish saving money for our bathroom renovation. We’re very nearly there! In fact, plans are already in the works. June update: Not only did we finish saving the funds (hello severance package!), we’ve also almost completely finished the bathroom makeover! Read more about it hereherehereherehereherehereherehere, and hereDecember update: I’m so glad we were able to tackle this renovation this year! The severance package I received from being laid off earlier this year went a long way towards helping us reach this goal. 


  1. Renovate the master bathroom. Finally! June update: This is basically done! We’ve made a lot of progress since the last photo was taken. December update: Our bathroom still lacks some finishing details (crown molding on cabinets, etc.), but this renovation has completely changed how we function in that space. I love it. 
    Master Bathroom Tile is Done at
  2. Finish painting the kitchen cabinets. Finally! June update: It’s too hot to start now. We will have to wait until fall. December update: We hired a contractor back in September to finish this job, however we’ve had a terrible experience. Long story short: our cabinets still aren’t finished. 
  3. Finish painting the doors. Finally! June update: We have two interior and two exterior doors left to paint. Woo hoo! December update: I managed to paint one more door, so we will head into 2016 with only three doors left to paint. 
  4. Reduce clutter. Steadily. June update: Check! I’ll continue to purge throughout the year, but we’ve already participated in 3 yard sales where we made about $500 total. Plus I’ve taken loads of clothes to consignment and sold to Twice (my favorite!) and ThredUP. (Clicking either of those links will earn you and me a $10 credit!) There’s just not much left to purge at this point. Hooray! December update: I’ve continued reducing clutter, and I’m extremely happy with the process. I made an additional $350 from a fall consignment sale. I hope to participate in the same sale next spring. 

Here’s to 2016! Cheers!

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