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A Pretty Black Christmas Tree for the Dining Room

December 20, 2015

Remember my steal of a deal on a white Christmas tree? It was not meant to be. Even after a call to customer service, it was apparent that had sold me a tree it did not actually have in stock. The nearest location that had the tree available in store was in another state.

This story has a happy ending, though. I found a different tree that is absolutely perfect.


I ordered this 6-foot, black pencil tree from Overstock, and I love it. It was a bit more expensive than the white tree, but I was still able to apply my PayPal credit bringing my total out of pocket spent for this tree to $30. The best news? I already had some gorgeous glass ornaments to adorn the tree and ribbon to make a bow for the top. I bought some pretty bows at Target and one strand of lights to finish the tree, bringing the total spent on this tree to only $40.

Black Christmas Tree at

The tree is perfect in front of the large window in my dining room. I put it on a crate to give it a little height and draped the base with a tablecloth I already had to round out my festive little tree. My favorite thing might be how well it correlates with the large white Christmas tree adorned with black ornaments in our living room while still maintaining its own sense of style.

Favorite Things Christmas Brunch

Maybe next year I’ll add another tree to my Christmas decor. 😉

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