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A Life Update in Instagram Photos

October 8, 2015

It seems like it’s high time I posted a life update. I’ve been away from the blog and for good reason – I have two jobs and I’m going to grad school full time. Just thinking about it sometimes makes me tired. Most of my weekends look like this.

Happy Friday, y’all. #studydate #gradschoollife @laurenbarnett_

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Luckily I have some cute distractions.

Cute girl, cute bow. #chihuahua #chihuahualove #mygirl A photo posted by krswafford (@krswafford) on

I’ve been waking up much earlier than normal in order to get some extra work in before the sun comes up. Somedays it’s just too much for Winter, so she positions herself in front of my laptop so I can hold her when I’m not typing.

This is how we work today. ???????? #wintercat #sleepykittty #softkittywarmkitty #workathome #slumberfilter

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Travis and I had a nice Staycation a few weeks ago. We spent one day on a train. I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to go again.

Hiwassee outfitters from the train. #hiwassee #train #latergram #ilovetrains #choochoo A photo posted by krswafford (@krswafford) on

I may have pretended to be Harry Potter for a moment. (Click play!)

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a train ride. #choochoo #ilovetrains #latergram #train #hiwassee

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We also managed to accomplish a lot of yard work during our staycation.

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I have recently discovered a love for Blue Apron. Most days we are too busy to meal plan, so we toss together whatever we can find. Typically, I take a pause from work or schoolwork, eat dinner with my husband, and hit the books again until bed time. Blue Apron has made dinnertime effortless and enjoyable. I really appreciate how simple they make meal planning!

This popped up on my Timehop the other day, and I had to share! Our Roxy girl completed puppy school just after we rescued her six years ago. We all look just a bit different. 

My baby graduated 6 years ago. #rescuedog #proudparent A photo posted by krswafford (@krswafford) on

Life has been full, but very good lately. I just wrapped up my first two grad school classes and am on a mini break until Monday. Then, it’ll be time to hit the books again.

This is what Saturday looks like when you’re in grad school. #examday #studystudystudy #mba #saturday

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