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Progress in our Master Bathroom Renovation

May 13, 2015

We’ve seen some big progress in our master bathroom renovation in the past week! (Sorry for the delayed post; we’ve had birthdays, graduations, sickness, Mother’s Day, etc. Oh, and I started my new job this week! It’s been a fun/busy time!)

When we last left off, contracted work was finally set to begin after many delays. True to what I’m learning is our contractor’s nature, he was four days late and only able to work Friday. But he made incredible progress in that one afternoon.

Lots of Progress in Master Bathroom Reno at

In about four hours, the contractor was able to add tile backer board to the lower third of the shower walls, build the half wall, and create the shower pan. For the first time we were able to see the shower and begin to envision the space.

However, we were also able to see that the floor vent in its original location was not going to work for the new layout. I’m surprised we didn’t notice this earlier, but thankfully we were still at a place in the renovation where we can course correct. Travis was able to easily move the vent after work Monday.

There was only one logical place to move the vent in the room, which luckily wasn’t too far away. He was able to move the vent and patch up the floor after work. Whew!

Lots of Progress in Master Bathroom Reno at

While the contractor was here, he asked us to go ahead and place the cabinets in the space before the he tiles the room. He asked us to do this for two reasons: 1. Screwing the half wall into the cabinet will firm up the half wall giving it more support. 2. Tiling under the cabinets would cost about an additional $100. Our contractor may run late most of the time, but he’s very conscious of our budget. (There’s very little chance that we will change the layout of the bathroom and wish we had tiled under the cabinetry, because there’s no where else for the cabinetry in the space.)

Without further ado: our cabinets!

Lots of Progress in Master Bathroom Reno at

I love the pull our drawers in the bottom half of the pantry. Don’t worry: the door is not missing; it’s just waiting to be added back to the cabinetry. All of the doors and drawers have a soft-close feature, which was a happy surprise for us!

Of course, after we had the cabinets in place we noticed another error.

Lots of Progress in Master Bathroom Reno at

Since we custom ordered the cabinetry and countertop from Lowe’s, we will need to talk to them to see if they will correct this error. This countertop was not terribly expensive, so if our budget has to take a hit, we would prefer it to be over an inexpensive countertop. Travis and I are now considering ordering an entirely different countertop, but we have a bit of time before we have to make that decision.

In regards to our tile, we still don’t know exactly what is going into the space. After speaking with our contractor last week, we decided it was best for him to make the final selection based off of the look I wanted in the space. Originally, he was supposed to send us some photos on Monday for the final selection to be made, but we’re still waiting for the photos. After the tile is selected, it will still have to be ordered. We were hoping to have tile going up in the space this week, but it looks like we are now on hold… again.

To be continued….

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