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Contracted Work Begins on Master Bathroom This Week

May 4, 2015

Finally! The work we hired out on our master bathroom (shower pan, half wall build, and tiling) will begin this week. Our contractor has had several delays, which was fine, because it gave us more time to finish up our work (demo, new sheetrock, electrical, plumbing, and painting).

Today, the bathroom is looking much better!

Bathroom at

I spent the better part of last weekend painting the ceiling and walls in this space. I was surprised that each only took two coats of paint considering I was painting on bare drywall. Here’s what I used:

Walls: Valspar Signature in Woodlawn Colonial Gray
Ceiling: Valspar Ceiling Paint in White

The back part of the bathroom is still open to the studs in order for the contractor to do all of the tile work.

Master Bathroom Paint at

I would love to tell you my tile choices, but it still has to be ordered. So, I’m going to hold off on sharing what we’ve chosen just in case something doesn’t work out.

After the contractor is finished we’ll still have to set the vanity and pantry, order the glass for the shower surround, purchase a toilet, finish up electrical and plumbing, and add some additional storage and pretty. The contractor will need to help us set the glass once it arrives, but we will be able to begin using our bathroom even before the glass arrives, which means we should have a usable space sometime this month.

Here’s to progress!

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