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Bathroom Update: Plumbing is roughed in!

March 30, 2015

I’ll be honest: progress has been slow on the bathroom lately. Between trips out of town and sickness for both of us, the bathroom has taken a bit of a backseat. If you’ll remember, our most-recent, ambitious to-do list looked like this:

  • Remove the sheetrock damaged by the mirror.
  • Patch all the sheetrock.
  • Remove the laminate floor.
  • Plumbing (we have a good friend who is a licensed plumber.)
  • Electrical (Travis is a licensed electrician.)
  • Prepare the wall for the medicine cabinet.
  • Call the tiler to ask a few questions and schedule tile work.

Yep, we were only able to mark three tasks off of our list. We were initially hoping to have the electrical and plumbing done in one weekend, but we’re happy now to just have the plumbing roughed in.

Travis ran into a few snags with the electrical, and #longstoryshort we removed ALL the sheetrock in the room, including the ceiling. We are also in the process of selecting a new mirror. I just wasn’t happy with the medicine cabinet options available. I need to select a new mirror this week in order for Travis to set sconces and receptacles on either side of the mirror.

Plumbing is roughed in at


Travis has the can lights and the exhaust fan set and is wiring them tonight. We should have light again soon! He will still have to set and wire the sconces and receptacles, and then electrical will be done. We have a call in with the contractor who is doing the tile work, and we’re hoping to get him to sign off on our new tile choices and let us know a date for installation.

Our to-do list for the next couple of weeks looks a little something like this:

  • Finish electrical.
  • Remove laminate floor.
  • Sheetrock walls and ceiling.
  • Have contractor build half wall and tile.

We’re hoping to have a completed bathroom by May! Fingers crossed!

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