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Guest Bathroom: Next on the to-do list?

March 23, 2015

All of this work on our master bathroom has me thinking about updating our guest bathroom.

Guest Bathroom at BetweenWeekdays.comIt functions just fine, but I’m thinking a quick remodel might not cost that much. I’m already planning to paint the vanity white once we have some consistent warm weather, but there are a few other things I would love to do to this space.

I can’t wait to replace the ugly linoleum floor with something like this:


At $2/square foot, I don’t think this would cost a fortune to have installed. I’m actually planning to ask our contractor how much installation would cost since they will already be tiling the other bathroom.

I’ve wanted to replace the boring mirror in here since day 1 with something a bit smaller and framed. This mirror fits the bill perfectly. My parents actually have it in their Florida home, and it’s perfect. I know it would look great in our guest bathroom as well, plus the price can’t be beat!


The next thing I would do is replace the sink and toilet with white pieces. This would be a fairly inexpensive update: about $70 for a sink and $200 for a toilet.

Then, of course, the countertop would need to be addressed. I could either purchase a laminate option or refinish it myself with a kit. I really like the idea of refinishing it myself, but previous experience tells me I could get a laminate top for about the same price. I think this laminate option is very pretty:


I would also love to have the shower reglazed. I have no idea how much this would cost, but it’s got to be more cost effective than installing a new shower. This company is not too far from us, and they offer free estimates.

Floor Tile: ??
Mirror: $77
New sink: $70
New toilet: $200
New countertop: $250
Reglaze shower: ??

While I know an update for this space is not in the budget right now, it’s nice to know that a refresh wouldn’t have to cost a small fortune. Perhaps this will be the next space we tackle.

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!