A Couple of Life Updates: March 2015

March 19, 2015

Hello! You may have noticed an uptick in posts lately, and there’s a very good reason for it. I was laid off, again, back in February. This time was surprisingly easier than the last time (back in 2012), but still no fun. Being a line item on a budget is a drag.

Last time I was laid off we decided to sell our first house and move back to our tiny hometown. This proved to be an excellent decision, and I did eventually land a job that I absolutely loved.

This time I’ve decided losing my job is the perfect opportunity to better myself and go back to school. I’ve always known I wanted to pursue a master’s degree, and the timing seemed just right. (I’m still looking for freelance work, too.)

I’ll begin an MBA program in the fall after spring and summer foundational courses. Since my undergrad was not in business, I’ll have to take the foundation courses (accounting, marketing, finance, management) to prepare for the MBA program.

I’m excited about this opportunity to slow down a little, too. The past few months have been a whirlwind of overtime (for both of us), holidays, and family emergencies. The latter of which made me realize it’s time to step back from hectic work schedules and focus on what’s important.

As always, I’m choosing to focus on how blessed I am in this season of life. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!