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Master Bathroom Planning

March 9, 2015

I recently shared our hot mess of a master bathroom and hinted that I’d be sharing renovation plans soon. That day is today!

This will be the biggest project we’ve ever tackled together, and we’ll be enlisting the help of a professional plumber, who happens to be one of Travis’ best friends and a professional contractor, who will be tiling. Other than plumbing and tiling, we’ll be doing everything else ourselves. I’ve mentioned that Travis is a licensed electrician, but he’s also very handy — especially with the help of his father. We’re on a pretty tight timeline and hope to have everything demoed and ready for tiling by the first of April.

Our master bathroom sits right off of our bedroom. It isn’t exactly generous in size, but with a few modifications, it will function and flow much better for our daily needs. Floor Plan_MasterBath

Currently, there is a vanity with a builder grade mirror on your immediate right when you walk in the room. The toilet sits beside the vanity, and the back wall is lined with a jacuzzi soaker tub. (It doesn’t work properly. Click here to read more about everything that isn’t working in this space.)

Master Bathroom Before at

The tiny shower is located behind the door in a small bump out, and beside it sits a $5 yard sale table that holds towels.

Master Bathroom Before at

We’ll be moving everything except the vanity in the new space and completely doing away with a bath tub. Instead, we’ll have a large walk-in shower. Don’t worry, our other bathroom has a bathtub should the need ever arise. The new floor plan will look something like this:

New Bathroom Layout at

The new vanity will be in the same place, but we’re adding a pantry to the side. Hooray for storage! The whole back wall will now feature a walk-in shower, and we’ll relocate the toilet to the recess where the shower lived previously. This floor plan makes so much more sense. We ordered the vanity and pantry from Lowe’s, and I found a photo on Pinterest that shows almost exactly what we purchased:


Ours will have a laminate top and different hardware, but other than that, this image is pretty much spot on to what we ordered. Ours will also be slightly darker in color.

The shower will be completely custom, but I have a few showers pinned on my Bathroom Reno pin board that should give you a good idea of what we’re going for. Frameless glass doors, light tile, picture frame tile on back wall, dual shower heads (probably). We’ll also add tons of lighting to the room in the form of can lights and sconces, upgrade the fan (maybe bluetooth?!), add a medicine cabinet, and new hardware throughout.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as we go. We’re hoping to have the tile work done in early April, but we’ll see how everything else goes first. As of right now, we’re still living with our hot mess of a bathroom, but we’re hoping to start demo soon. Wish us luck!

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