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Blue House Tour: Master Bathroom (Before)

March 6, 2015

Our master bathroom is a hot mess. And I do not use that term lightly, hence the italics. My one condition when we purchased this house was that we would gut the bathroom as soon as possible. Two years later, we’re still living with our master bathroom… but not for long! With changes on the horizon (hallelujah), I thought it was high time I share the master bathroom we’ve been living with for the past couple of years.


Master Bathroom Before at

While it may not look so bad on the surface, let me give you a few details.

  • The above photo was taken on a sunny day with all the bedroom windows open and a light kit. The room is like a cave of darkness. Have you ever applied makeup in a cave of darkness? It’s a fun time. 
  • The large jacuzzi tub works, but it spurts black “stuff” everywhere. Plus the bottom is stained with what I can only imagine to be cigarettes that were thrown in while still lit. Classy!
  • There is barely any storage in this bathroom. See the towels sitting on a $5 yard sale table? Also, please notice the teensy tiny drawers on the vanity. I have two to my name, Travis has one, and some cleaning supplies resides in the fourth.
  • The cabinet above the toilet is so high I have to climb to find anything. This is the only true bit of storage in the entire room, so I’m quite thankful for it.
  • Our shower is exactly 31 inches wide. Yep, the door going into our bathroom is actually an inch wider than the shower.
  • There’s no room for any sort of storage in the shower, so all of our various bottles line the floor cutting our standing room down by several more inches. Showering in this shower could be considered an olympic sport.

Master Bathroom Before at

  • There are two different colors of paint on the wall. I kid you not.
  • The shower is yellow, the tub is mauve, the toilet is off white, and the vanity top is white.
  • The sink doesn’t drain.
  • I was recently told that the toilet is not to code. Good news!
  • The light in the vent is cracked and doesn’t work.

There was never a need to spruce this bathroom up since we knew we’d eventually tear everything out and start over, which is why there’s still two shades of blue on the wall and missing electrical covers. We’ve been living with this space for far too long, and I’m so ready for a change.

Master Bathroom Before at BetweenWeekdays.comSo, what’s the plan for this space? I’ll tell you soon! Happy Friday, friends!

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