Blue House

The GIANT To-Do List

November 20, 2013

I love our blue house, but it’s got a long ways to go before I can consider it “done.” Are houses really ever done? Probably not, but I thought it might be fun to share a breakdown of what I’d like to do to this house over the course of the next several years. Update: Click here to see how this list was updated in 2016.


The Blue House at

Our exterior needs a lot of work. And, like the interior of our home, there are many “it’s nice to dream” about projects. The above picture is a little dated; it doesn’t show off our pretty, red door.

  • The fence needs some major repairs
  • The fence needs to be painted… badly
  • The landscaping needs major, major work. I plan to call the pros in the help.
  • We need to add some exterior lighting to the walkway to the front door
  • Add a brick foundation (to match the house) to the storage building
  • Organize the storage building
  • Add a ramp to the storage building
  • Call in the pros to remove a dying tree in the front yard
  • Patch a few window screens
  • Add furniture to the front porch
  • Add furniture to the deck

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • Extend the fence
  • Add a pool
  • Add a stone patio off our deck for a fire pit
  • Replace the wooden fence with a maintenance-free material

The Garage

  • We’ve been on the hunt for a fridge for quite awhile
  • Move the lawnmower to the storage building
  • Repair the garage door
  • Add decorative hardware to the garage door
  • Add an access panel

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • Add storage above the car
  • Find a way to store all of my seasonal decor without taking up much floor space
  • Add a pergola above the door outside
  • Replace the door with a carriage style

The Laundry Room

  • Add a counter
  • Make it prettier
  • Add storage (cabinets? shelves?) above the washer and dryer
  • Remove the storage cabinet that’s in there now to clear up floor space
  • Paint the door

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • Add pedestal bases to the washer and dryer

The Kitchen

  • Finish painting the cabinets. I’m halfway there!
  • Finish replacing the hardware
  • Add crown moulding to the tops of the cabinets

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • Replace the fridge and stove
  • Add a backsplash

The Dining Room

New Dining Room Art at

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • I really want a bigger table in a different finish
  • Maybe add a rug?

The Foyer

  • Paint the trim around the front door
  • Add shutters to the sidelight windows
  • Paint the closet doors and add crystal door knobs
  • Organize the closets
  • Add wallpaper or a stencil above the chair rail

The Living Room

Living Room at

  • Find wall Art! Every time I think I find just the right thing, I change my mind. 
  • Find a bigger rug in a neutral color
  • Complete the fireplace surround
  • Replace the thermostat with something “smarter”

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • Replace the ceiling fan. It’s off center, so I really don’t know how to fix it just yet.
  • Add sconces above the fireplace

The Office

  • Add curtains
  • Paint the exterior door

The Guest Bedrooms

Front Guest Bedroom at

  • Replace the ceiling fan in the front guest bedroom
  • Add a television to both rooms?
  • Paint the doors and add new hardware

The Guest Bathroom

  • Paint the vanity
  • Refinish the vanity top?

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • Reglaze the shower stall to make it white
  • Replace the toilet with a white one
  • Add a tile floor
  • Frame out the mirror
  • Replace the vanity top

The Master Bedroom

  • Add more lighting
  • Add more wall art
  • Paint the doors and add new hardware

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • Add a chandelier over the bed with smaller chandeliers hanging over the nightstands
  • Add can lights to corners of room
  • Have slip covers made for the chairs

The Master Bathroom

This room needs to be completely gutted. We know what we want, so we’re just saving up our pennies to make it happen!

The Master Closet

  • Replace carpet with carpet tiles
  • Move clothes rods up
  • Add better lighting

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • Demo the closet as it is now and give the space to the bathroom. Then, add built-in wardrobes in the bedroom. Oh, how I wish we could do this. 

The Attic

We actually have an efficiency suite upstairs along with an unfinished storage space. Crazy, right?

  • Turn the upstairs living room into the man cave
  • Gain access to both dormer windows; right now we can only get to one of them
  • Replace the flooring; right now it’s a mix of nasty carpet and leftover hardwood floors
  • Add a sleeker air conditioner
  • Paint the walls/trim/doors

“It’s Nice to Dream:”

  • Turn the unfinished attic space over the garage into a bonus room
  • Rotate the staircase, so we don’t have to enter through the garage 
  • Run HVAC upstairs, so we can add it the the square footage

Click here to see how this list was updated in 2016.

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