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Happy Halloween & An Update

October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, friends! Is everyone excited about trick or treating tonight? We won’t be home to hand out candy this year, but we have some other fun things planned; more on that in a moment!

I thought it might be a good idea to check in here on the blog with a little life/project/blog update. This isn’t the type of post I normally write, but now that I’m working again you’ll probably see more on-the-fly posts just like this one. So, let’s dive into what we’ve been up to lately!

The Blog

I know blog posts have been much slower lately, but I do have some things in the works! For instance, I’ve been painting in my spare time. Want a sneak peek?

Primed Storage Building at

Last weekend, we got our storage building patched and primed. We’re hoping to paint it this weekend, and I can cross that project off the list! I’ll be sure to share the deets here on the blog. Doesn’t the building look creepy all white?

I’ll also be decorating for the holidays next month. I’m so looking forward to pulling out all of our Christmas bins since we didn’t get to decorate last year since we were in between houses. I love the Christmas season, and I can’t wait to enjoy it in our blue house! I’m sure I’ll be sharing lots of holiday posts in the upcoming months.

I’m so grateful to my friend Becky who has recently been sharing some travel-related posts with all of you. She knew I was having a hard time adjusting to working outside of my house, and she graciously wrote a couple of posts for all of you. She’s a star, plus she has some pretty awesome travel tips. Look for more from her soon!

While I can’t promise daily posts, I can promise to post more during the next couple of months! We still haven’t even finished the house tour yet.

Project Updates

Lately, there hasn’t much crafting going on around here. I go through phases with crafting, and lately I’m just not feeling inspired. However! I do have two craft projects on the docket! In fact, I’m looking at the supplies for one of them as I type.

I’ll be sure to share those projects and any others I might tackle.


I knew that taking a job outside of my home would change things for me, but I never expected to actually enjoy what I do. I love my job, which is something I never thought I’d be able to say. I only work part time, which allows me a lot of freedom, but lately I find myself going into the office on my off days quite often.

So, what do I do exactly? I’m a social media specialist, which is pretty much as fun as it sounds. I handle social media accounts for everything from a national financial business to a pawn shop to a group of Clydesdales to a Halloween goblin. Each week is different, and I can be as creative as I want with some of the brands. For instance, here’s what this week looked like:

  • Monday: We had a charity luncheon, and then I had several meetings. I spent most of the morning poking people on Facebook as the Halloween goblin.
  • Tuesday: I spent most of the day at the horse stables shooting pictures and videos for their social media campaigns. (See my fancy work camera? I’m trying to convince Travis we need to purchase one for personal use, aka!)
    Horses at
  • Wednesday: I took some photos at a car lot and then clocked out just after lunch. Yep, I have a car lot as a client, too.
  • Thursday: Tonight I’ll go to a local Halloween block party where I’ll be live tweeting/posting for all of the brands I represent.
  • Friday: I’ll take some pictures at the bakery, wrap up a few first-of-the-month things in the office and head home by lunch (hopefully). Yep, I do social media for a bakery, too!

See why I love my job? Oh, and I get to blog!

Other than working, life has been pretty sweet lately. This is my most favorite time of year. I’ve had fun unpacking my sweaters, picking apples and logging lots of cuddle time on the couch with my husband and sweet furbabies.

Speaking of furbabies, today is Winter’s first birthday. Happy Birthday Winter Jane! Mama loves you! For more furbaby love, check me out on Instagram.

Happy Birthday Winter Cat at

So, there you go! That’s what I’ve been up to these days. I’m sorry if there hasn’t been as much blog posting, but just because there’s less on the blog doesn’t mean that there’s less in my life. In fact, it’s just the opposite; and I’m loving every minute of it!

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!