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Making My Life Easier

September 26, 2013

Since going back to a desk job a few weeks ago, I’ve really noticed that there have been several things that have made the transition easier (besides the paycheck, of course).

Tervis Tumblers



I’m a big tea drinker, especially in the mornings. Knowing that I can take my green tea to the office with me everyday is just one of those small things that makes my life happier. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Tervis, especially the 16 ounce tumblers.

Hired Help

Sometimes it’s ok to ask for help. I immediately knew that we’d need to find a dog walker to let the dogs out on the days I work. After asking around, I found a girl who’s perfect for the job. She’s like family, so I trust her implicitly with my furbabies. Plus, she also scoops Winter’s litter while she’s here.

We’re also in the process of finding a house keeper. I expect my house to be tidy, and with three shedding pets, it’s just not possible for me to keep up with anymore. Since we live in a small town (with no cleaning services) this process is a bit difficult. I’ve been asking around, and I’m confident we’ll find someone soon.

Burkes Outlet


Re-entering corporate America meant I needed to revamp my wardrobe…and fast! Enter Burkes Outlet. Building a corporate wardrobe from the ground up could have taken a huge toll financially if not for Burkes Outlet. With a rewards card I save 15 percent of Fridays, and I earn points towards coupons. Since we have a store in my teeny, tiny town, I’ve been able to stop in each Friday to pick up a few key pieces for my wardrobe.

Fashion (aka Flash) Tape


I loveĀ this tape. I used it before I went back to work, but now I find myself reaching for it almost daily. Not only does it keep button-up shirts closed, it also holds clothes into place. Bye, Bye peek-a-boo bra strap. All it takes is one small piece of tape to secure clothes all day long.

Choosing to Work Part Time (for now)

I was lucky to negotiate beginning my job on a part-time basis. There were a lot of reasons to begin as part time: a limited wardrobe, finding hired help, getting used to the company and deciding wether or not this job was for me were all considerations at the top of that list. After a few weeks in the office, I’m confident that I’ll be joining the ranks of full time soon, but I sure am glad I had a few weeks to get used to going back to work.

Have any of you recently headed back to the office after an extended break? I stayed at home for about a year and a half, so the transition is pretty significant. If you’ve got any tips, I’d love to hear them!

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!