Month in Review

August 2013 Month in Review

August 30, 2013

Hooray for the end of summer! Who’s with me? I’m so excited about the upcoming fall season, but before we can move forward, we need to take a look back at all that was August 2013 here at BetweenWeekdays.

My front door received a huge makeover when I painted it red! I’m still in love with how well it turned out.

Red Front Door at


Next, I moved on to a simple update that made a big difference when we had a window replaced in the dining room.

Window with Broken Seal at


A family friend of ours replaced the above window for us, so I thanked him with a very special cookie tin. Bonus: if you’ve been looking for an easy, freezer-friendly chocolate chip cookie recipe, click here!

Thank You Cookie Tin at


I was excited to devote an entire week to gardening with a new post every day for a week. I hope you enjoyed garden week as much as I did!

GardenWeek at


We covered a lot of ground during garden week, beginning with a tutorial for canning green beans. I promise, it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think.

BetweenWeekdays How to Can Green Beans


The next day I shared a fabulous recipe for bruschetta using ingredients straight from your garden. This oh-so-simple recipe is a definite crowd pleaser and a family favorite around here!

Fresh From the Garden Bruschetta from


We delved back into canning with a tutorial for canning spaghetti sauce (recipe included!). This method of canning is much easier because a pressure canner is not necessary.

How to Can Spaghetti Sauce from

Preserving fresh foods from the garden was the theme again when I shared a tutorial for freezing green beans. This is how I preserved the beans from my garden this year, because my crop just didn’t yield enough to can.

How to Freeze Green Beans at


Garden Week 2013 closed with an end-of-season update from my garden this year. I learned a lot, and I’m looking forward to putting what I learned this year into place next year.

Basil at


The tour of our blue house commenced again with a tour of the kitchen. I’m actively working on updating the kitchen, so there wasn’t too much to share in here just yet.

Kitchen at

Up next, I shared a simple storage solution for my dogs’ rain gear. I still can’t believe it took me eight months to figure this one out.

Hidden Raincoat Storage at


I bid farewell to summer with an end-of-summer tablescape featuring navy and orange. Winter was sweet enough to “help” me photograph the table.

Navy and Orange Tablescape at


What’s in store for September? I’ve got a couple more garden-related posts: bell peppers, anyone? And I’m hoping to pick up the tour of our blue house again. There’s not too much left to share.

How do you celebrate the end of summer?

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!