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Garden Week 2013: How to Freeze Green Beans

August 15, 2013

Welcome back to Garden Week here at BetweenWeekdays! So far, I’ve shared a tutorial for canning beans, a recipe for fresh-from-the-garden bruschetta and a tutorial (and recipe!) for canning spaghetti sauce. It’s been quite a week so far.

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Today I’m sharing a different method for preserving fresh green beans. Instead of canning my beans, this year I decided to try freezing the beans. I just didn’t have enough to can, so out of necessity, I learned a new method that I just had to share. (I’ll share more on how my garden fared this year tomorrow.)

Like anything else, freezing beans has it’s pros and cons. For instance, freezing is much easier than canning; plus you don’t need special equipment like a pressure canner and jars. However, these take up room in your freezer, and they won’t last as long as their canned counterparts.

To freeze the beans, you’ll need to pick them and prepare them just as you would if you were canning by stringing the beans, removing the bad places and washing them a couple of times. (For more on preparing beans, click here.)

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Once all of your prep work is done, freezing the beans only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish.

How to Freeze Green Beans

Begin by blanching your beans until they turn bright green. This isn’t an exact science, but I let mine get bright green, and then I left them to boil for a few more minutes. I didn’t want the beans to be fork tender, but I wanted to begin the cooking process.

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Next, remove the beans with a slotted spoon to drain the water and place in a freezer, zip-top bag or you can use a FoodSaver like I did. Remove all of the air from the bag and seal. Write the date on the packaging and freeze.

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And that’s it, my friends. This is a super simple way to preserve your fresh produce. We’ve already eaten some of the beans we prepared this way, and they were very tasty.

Even though this method of food preservation is very simple, I still prefer canning beans to freezing. They taste delicious from the freezer, but they just won’t last as long as they would canned. Plus, a freezer isn’t always reliable during lengthy power outages. Next year, I hope to be able to can beans once again.

p.s. I love my FoodSaver! I bought it secondhand, but it works fantastic. Here’s the link on Amazon if you’re in the market for one.

Tomorrow will finish up Garden Week with an update on my garden this year and what I hope to accomplish next year. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these post as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them!

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