Blue House

A Painting We Will Go

July 25, 2013

When I think about all that’s left to paint in our blue house, I become a bit faint. I really do believe that I’ll be painting something in this house for the next three years. Seriously.

I’ve already mentioned that I want to paint our kitchen cabinets, and guess what… I’ve started! I’m working in sections so that at least half of the kitchen is always accessible for cooking. I’ve had some help, but I’ve mostly been working on this on my own. I’m hoping to be done by the time the weather cools off, but no promises. Here’s how my kitchen is looking now:

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Chaos at

I’m sure I could knock out this project a bit more quickly, but I’ve learned when I work slowly on big projects that the results are better.

Painting the kitchen cabinets is certainly a large project, but it’s not the biggest one I’ve got to tackle. Oh, but no. Every.Single.Door in this house must be painted.  While 16 doors may not seem like a lot, it is when you have to change the hardware on the majority of them and paint the door facings for each one.

Unpainted Doors at

Each door will have to be taken down and outside to be painted. While the door is outside being painted, the facing will need to be painted. If everything went perfectly, each door would be outside for at least a week. Then, each door will need to be hung with all new hardware. All that new hardware will cost a small fortune, so I suppose it’s a good thing this project will last for months and months.

While we’re talking doors, I should mention that the front door (and all exterior doors, for that matter) also needs a fresh coat of paint.

Unpainted Front Door at

This door embarrasses me each time someone comes to the house. There’s nice, white trim surrounding a cream-colored door that just looks dirty thanks to the fresh, white trim. The brassy kick plate isn’t working for me either, so this door is up first on my makeover list.

The guest bathroom wins the award for most painting needed, however. In addition to having two doors to paint, I still haven’t painted the trim in this room. Oops. Plus, I’d really like to paint the vanity and countertops.

BetweenWeekdays Guest Bathroom_After

In case you weren’t counting, here’s my giant list of items to paint in this house:

  • 16 doors (including the front door)
  • 16 door facings
  • kitchen cabinets
  • guest bathroom trim
  • guest bathroom vanity
  • guest bathroom countertop

That’s a lot of painting! Here’s hoping I survive it all.

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