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A Couple of Major Purchases for the Outside

July 16, 2013

I know we haven’t talked much about the exterior of our blue house. I’ve shown you my garden, which we’ve been enjoying all season, but that’s about all I’ve shown of the outside areas of our house. While we don’t plan on making any major changes to the exterior this year, we did recently make a rather large purchase that necessitated the purchase of another large item.

Purchase 1

Mowing the lawn has always been a tricky subject around here. I have terrible allergies that don’t allow for much outdoor activities, such as mowing. Travis often works crazy hours and doesn’t have time to mow. We’ve been relying on help to keep up with the yard, but that doesn’t always pan out. When Travis’ uncle said he had a zero turn mower for sale, we knew that could be our ticket to having a neatly manicured lawn. Since it would take less time to mow our acre, Travis can do it in his down time or I can wear a respirator and, hopefully, not get sick.

Zero Turn Lawn Mower at

Purchase 2

Purchase 1 led to our second large purchase for the yard. A mower this big needs a proper storage facility — not the garage, which is currently so full of stuff that we weren’t able to park a vehicle in it even before we purchased the mower! Yes, the garage is a hot mess, so we decided to purchase a storage building.

Storage Building at

We’ve wanted a storage building for a long, long time. We toyed with the idea for yeas when we lived in our first house, but due to a very unleveled lot, we just made the best use of our garage space that we could. Now that we have a nice, flat lot with plenty of space, we happily purchased the building you see above!

The building measures 10′ x 15.’ I found this one at an estate sale several weeks ago, but Travis was working out of town, so I didn’t purchase it then. Once Travis returned home, we called to see if it was still available and went to check it out. It’s in great shape, but it will need a couple of minor repairs. We paid $450, which is considerably less than we would have paid for a brand new building.

We have to wait a couple of weeks to pick it up while we work out the logistics of moving it across town. I can’t wait to share with you all the details of where we place the building and how it helps our daily lives. It took us two years to be able to park in our first house’s garage, so being able to use the garage again after only a few months in our new house will be a huge bonus!

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