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DIY Keepsake Art

July 11, 2013

A few months ago, I mentioned that I wanted to make some keepsake art in order to commemorate our first home together. It’s no secret that I adored our first house, so some keepsake art seemed in order. I found inspiration for this project awhile ago at Our Fifth House.


Is that not a precious way to remember all the houses you’ve called homes? Plus, I already had the perfect frame. You might remember it from our old office.

Office Frame Collage

See that frame on the top left? I knew it’d be perfect for this project. In the photo above all of the art had been neutralized while our first house was for sale. I have big plans for these frames, but that’s a story for another day. For now, let’s focus on just the one frame.

Ready to see how my DIY keepsake art turned out?

DIY Keepsake Art at

I think it turned out pretty great. Let’s break it down section by section.

DIY Keepsake Art at

The top frame holds our keys that we used to enter the house each and every day. The front door is the only door we had keys to — weird, I know. (I know; we should have immediately changed all of the locks on the house. It was one of those odd things we just never got around to.) The paper behind the keys was a free printable I used while the house was on the market.

DIY Keepsake Art3 at

The second section holds the MLS photo of our house. I miss the pretty exterior of this house. I know our current house will eventually boast nice landscaping and maybe a fresh, new coat of paint, but sometimes I miss having an exterior that’s already done. I also tend to forget that it took us three years to get to a nice exterior.

DIY Keepsake Art at

The third frame holds the original keepsake art I made last fall. When I had a section of my map leftover from another art project, I realized our street was in the piece that didn’t make the cut. I took a spool of red thread and needle and stitched a freehanded heart around our little street. I think it looks especially sweet in this frame since the colors relate to the paper behind the keys. I love happy accidents.

All in all, this was a FREE project for me since I already had everything on hand. Sweet!

While I do miss some things about our first home, I’m even more in love with our current house.  Maybe one day (in the distant future), I’ll be making keepsake art for our blue house.

I’m linking up to TDC’s Before and After party!

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  1. Just found this on Pinterest. Love it! I want to do something similar. Where did you get the frame originally?

    1. Hi Christy! The frame came from Michaels years ago. I’m not sure if they’d still have this exact frame, but I think they have the prettiest frames. Hope that helps!

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