Month in Review

June 2013 Month in Review

June 28, 2013

What a month June was! Here’s a look back at everything we accomplished around here. Spoiler: it wasn’t much!

I kicked off the month with my new, weekly cleaning schedule. It’s been working great so far, and I’m looking forward to showing you some other cleaning changes I’ve implemented recently.

Cleaning Schedule at

I shared with you a final baby shower to-do list detailing everything that needed to be accomplished in the final three days. It was one heck of a list, and I’m happy to report that I checked all of the boxes.

Baby Shower T-Minus 3 Days

I shared a fun list of a few of my latest favorites; my dad even made the list, even though he’s been a favorite for the past 27 years. 😉

Dad and Me

After the shower, I felt I needed to take a week-long break from blogging. The time off was nice, but I realized I needed to scale back my three weekly posts to two for awhile.

See Ya Next Week

After my [much needed] week off, I finally got around to sharing a quick update about the baby shower! Momma-to-be looked radiant and had a wonderful time.

Baby Shower Mama at

I’m not summer’s biggest fan. I know, crazy! To help me beat the heat this year, I’m relying on a few favorite products. What helps you get through the unbearable summer heat?


We rounded out the month with all the menu details from the sweet baby shower we hosted earlier this month. If you’re hosting an outdoor event this summer and need something more elevated than hamburgers and hot dogs, this might just be the perfect menu for you, too!

Baby Shower Barbecue Chicken from

What’s in store for July? Today actually marks six months in our blue house, so next Tuesday I’ll be sharing a look back at the past six months and what’s ahead for our house. I’m also planning to continue the tour of our house with the living room and kitchen, and wrap up the baby shower details. I’m sure there’ll be some other fun posts thrown in, too. See you in July!

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