Happy First Day of Summer, Y’all

Where I live, it gets miserably hot and humid during the summer months. And, I’m not going to lie: I don’t like summer. It is by far my least favorite season. I have found a few ways to beat the heat, and I’m sharing those with you today!

OPI Cajun Shrimp Nail Polish

I think anything (even crazy, hot days) are more bearable when I look my best. OPI’s Cajun Shrimp nail color is the perfect summer color with touches of red, orange and coral: all colors that are “in” right now. Better yet, it looks good on every skin tone. Plus, OPI nail polish happens to be my favorite and most-trusted brand of nail polish because it resists chipping and fading better than any other. Cajun Shrimp is from the classic collection, and I can definitely see why the company still sells it today. If you need a quick pick me up to beat the heat, this is it.

Beach Towel Chair Clips

I love these beach towel chair clips. I think they’re whimsical and practical. It’s a pretty simple concept: use the clips to hold your beach towel to your chair. Genius! These little parrots definitely came in handy when we went to the beach a few weeks ago. If you’re going to be doing in outside lounging in front of a beach or pool, I definitely recommend these. Plus, at $5.99 for the pair, how could you afford not to buy them?

Neutrogena Sunscreen

You knew this was coming, right? You can’t lay out in the hot, summer sun without first protecting your skin, and I love that Neutrogena can help me stay safe in the sun. I have combination skin that is prone to breakouts, so this is the perfect preventative product for me. It’s oil and fragrance free. Once it’s on, I don’t even realize it’s there. I love that I can apply this under my makeup for those days when I’m going to be in the sun, but still need to look my best. This product receives an A++ from me.

Hunter 12″ Classic Table Fan

I don’t actually own this fan, but I have been coveting it for awhile. You see, it all started when I helped my friend register for her baby. I fell fast and hard for this fan. She needed one for the nursery, and this fit the bill. Little did I know that a month later I’d still be thinking about this beauty. I know it would look gorgeous in our bedroom while keeping us cool. It has a 3-speed motor and an adjustable tilt head. It oscillates and it is constructed of all metal. As far as fans go, this one is dreamy. It’s $54.99 price tag is the only thing that’s keeping me from pulling out my wallet right now to buy it. Maybe one day?

So that’s what’s helping me beat the heat this year. How are you surviving, so far? I know it’s just day one, but I’d love to hear your favorite products and tips for beating the heat.

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!

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