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How to Grease and Flour a Cake Pan

May 9, 2013

Tomorrow, I’m sharing a delicious bundt cake recipe, so today we’re preparing by talking about how to properly grease and flour a cake pan.


Supplies to Grease and Flour Pan

  • Bundt Cake Pan
  • Flour
  • Crisco


How To Grease Cake Pan

1. Add a small amount of Crisco to your hand.
2. Work the Crisco into every crevice of the cake pan.
3. Repeat until pan in completely greased.

How To Flour Cake Pan
4. Add a small amount of flour to the cake pan and rotate pan to cover.
5. Add more flour and rotate pan until entire cake pan is covered in flour. Shake out excess flour in sink.
6. Add cake batter (recipe coming tomorrow!) and bake!

Easy peasy! Be sure to check back tomorrow when I’m sharing a delicious butter pecan bundt cake recipe.

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