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Planning a Special Baby Shower

May 3, 2013

Yesterday I shared with you some inspiration for a baby shower I’m hosting next month, but I didn’t share all of the inspiration with you. You see, the expecting parents are a huge inspiration for their shower. Josh and Monica are family to us, but not in the convectional sense of the word.


Monica was my maid of honor (yes, that’s me behind them in the big, white dress), and Josh was one of Travis’ groomsmen. We returned the favor the next year at their wedding.


We joke that we adopted Josh about 10 years ago when we were both in high school. Being three years older than me, he makes the perfect “big brother” I never had as an only child. When Monica came into the picture a few years ago, she became family, too.

They obviously mean a great deal to my entire family, so I really want to make their baby shower special with memories they’ll treasure forever. I’ve decided to use them as the main sources of inspiration for the shower.

Josh is a guy’s guy with huge personality. I won’t have to provide entertainment for their shower, because Josh will be there. He likes typical guy things: grilling out, beer and Xbox. I feel I can adequately give him two out of the tree.

Monica is dainty and girly with a love for all things vintage. She was raised by her older grandparents, so it’s as if she’s from a different era herself. Her hobbies include cooking and sewing. I’ve got some special things planned just for her.

Their baby shower will include:

  • A menu fit to please both of them, including beer for him and a gorgeous cake for her
  • A turquoise, green and coral color scheme
  • Vintage table linens
  • A backyard barbecue
  • Mason jar decor
  • A late night fire pit session complete with s’mores
  • Vintage-inspired details


I’ll be back next to share some of the projects I’ve been working on. I’m so excited!

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!