Month in Review

April 2013 Month in Review

April 30, 2013

Is April really already over? It’s hard to believe. This month saw the end of the Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013, a few recipes and some entertaining. Read on to learn more.

The month kicked of with the continuation of the Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013 when we talked about our master bedroom. You might be surprised to learn that we aren’t changing any of the lights in this room for now. I have plans, though, and I hope to share those with you soon!


I’m so happy to finally share our new, blue house! I began the tour in one of my favorite rooms in the whole house: the front guest bedroom.


In this next post, we said goodbye to the Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013. When it seemed like the lighting shuffle would never end, it did with the discussion of all the lighting we will not be changing in our house. That’s not to say we’ll never change out these light fixtures; we just won’t be changing them any time soon.


Our kitten, Winter, is growing like a weed! We captured the first time she saw her reflection on video, and I shared it here! This is not a post to be missed, as I promise you’ll laugh as soon as you see my crazy kitten’s reaction.


The tour of our blue house next moved into the back guest bedroom. This room still needs a few finishing touches that I’m hoping to tackle soon.

BetweenWeekdays Back Guest Bedroom

Have you ever had a jewelry party? I did, and it was so much fun. Plus, I had a blast putting together a simple, spring buffet table for my guests.


If you’re looking for the perfect grilled kabobs for summer cookouts, look no further! Travis and I had fun coming up with three, simple kabob recipes for a recent family dinner. Yum!

BetweenWeekdays Grilled Steak Kabobs

We host a weekly dinner on Tuesdays for family. During the past few months of family dinners, I’ve gotten planning a feast for a large crowd down to a science.


For one of our weekly “supper clubs,” I prepared an easy strawberry shortcake trifle. It was delicious, easy to prepare and low fat!

BetweenWeekdays: Strawberry Shortcake Trifle Recipe

A lamp I bought at Goodwill for $3.99 received a quick and easy makeover that cost me absolutely nothing since I already had the fabric on hand. I use it frequently when choosing which jewelry to wear.


The tour of our new-to-us, blue house rounded out the guest quarters when we next moved into the guest bathroom. This room still lacks a few finishing touches before I’ll count it as done. There’s also a dream list of things to upgrade in here, too.

BetweenWeekdays Guest Bathroom_After

April was a busy month for us in the “real life” department. We had a yard sale, we both took separate weekend trips with friends and I had a jewelry party. Plus, gardening season is upon us, so we’ve been spending a lot of time outside. Next month will be a busy month for us around here, too. We both have birthdays (so does Roxy!) and in between our birthdays our first niece will be born! Throw in Mother’s Day and a little more traveling, and we’re going to have one busy month!

What can you expect from the blog in May? In short: a lot! I’m planning another baby shower, gardening and continuing the tour of our house.

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!