Goodwill Lamp Makoever

April 25, 2013

I recently purchased a lamp at Goodwill for $3.99. I was there looking for decorative plates to eventually hang in the guest bedrooms, and I did find a couple. But I was most pleased to find a lamp I didn’t even know I needed. Don’t you love how that happens?


When I saw this lamp, I knew it would be perfect in my bedroom after a little makeover . We have a rather large bedroom with only one overhead light that isn’t too bright. We’ll eventually upgrade the lighting in the bedroom, but until then, I need to be able to see my jewelry! I knew this little lamp would be a perfect addition to the top of my jewelry armoire.

It wasn’t bad as is. Actually, it was pretty good considering some of the things that can be found within the walls of Goodwill. I liked the cute black base and the shape of the shade. But I had plans to help it match the other lamps in our bedroom by covering the lampshade with the same fabric we used on our bedside lamps. First I cleaned the lamp base and shade using Clorox wipes, and then I removed all of the trim from the shade.


The trim was held on with only a little bit of glue, so it pulled off very easily. I’m guessing the polka dot trim was added by the lamp’s previous owner, so it also came off without a fight.

This lampshade was much easier to cover than the others since it was so much smaller. I barely had enough fabric to get the job done, but I’m rather pleased with how it turned out.


I’d say that’s $3.99 well spent! What have you scored at Goodwill lately? I’m still on the hunt for decorative plates, but, luckily, I enjoy the hunt.


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