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The Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013, Part VI: The Master Suite

April 2, 2013

We’ve changed out or replaced the majority of the light fixtures inside our home, but there are a few we aren’t touching… at least not for now, including all of the lighting within the master suite.

Our master bedroom is huge. Because of this, we’re still trying to figure out how to best light the room. For now the futuristic ceiling fan stays.

MasterBedroomLightThis fixture puts off terrible light that doesn’t even illuminate the entire room. I know ceiling fans are popular here in the South, but we never use an overhead fan because they make me cough. This fixture does have one thing going for it, though:


A remote! Hopefully this “fancy” feature will help us sell it on Craigslist one day.

As for how we’re going to replace this light, I have a few ideas. But I haven’t decided on one just yet.  I like the idea of task lighting, but Travis isn’t sure if he’ll be able to install can lights. Originally, I wanted Pottery Barn’s Edison Light, but it’s no longer available. Even if it were, it wouldn’t be in my budget. Now, I’m leaning toward a black iron crystal chandelier. (You’ve already witnessed my love of crystal chandeliers here and here.)

In addition to the bedroom, our master suite also includes a bathroom and closet. Both of which are slated for major renovations. Luckily the main light in our master bathroom isn’t bad for now, since we’ll probably be saving money for a renovation for quite a while.

MasterBathLightNot bad, right? The master bathroom also has a lighted fan (with a heater) and a can light over the shower. We’ve got big plans for this room, so we actually haven’t touched a thing in it, so far. Not even the paint! I’m really excited to take on this project. Hopefully, we’ll get around to it in the next year or so.

Also included in the master suite is the walk-in closet, which sounds much more glamorous than it really is. Our closet has a window, which I love! That also means that we won’t have to rely solely on a fixture for lighting. For now, we can live with what was already there:


Yes, our closet is bad. No, I can’t reach any of my shoes. Yes, I know my purses deserve better storage than this. I’m hoping Travis and I can tackle this makeover sooner rather than later.

To catch up on any part of he Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013, click here. I think there will only be one more weekly post. Maybe. Stay tuned!

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  1. I like the lights that have been replaced! I have one light left in our home to replace, thankfully I have it hidden in the utility closet. 🙂 I am also looking forward to see your finished bathroom project! Also, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog yesterday!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! It seems like switching out lighting is a never-ending project around here. You’re so lucky to only have one left. 🙂

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