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Baby Shower Gifts

March 28, 2013

Also known as: All the loot the expectant parents took home!

You may have surmised by now that the expectant parents took home quite a bit just from shower decorations and shower games alone. I thought it would be fun to share what the parents left with from us and a few other memorable gifts, as well.

Of course, I sent the hot pink and black tutu wreath I crafted home with the expecting parents. My sister-in-law said she would hang it on the nursery door. I’m so happy to know that my new niece will have a reminder of us every time she enters her nursery.

Between Weekdays: TuTu Wreath

I also gave the tissue paper pom poms I crafted to the expecting parents. I’m not sure if they’ll use them in the nursery, but I sure hope they do. Since infants spend so much time looking up, I think baby Addyson would enjoy seeing them for at least her first few months.


I also sent home all 64 socks (and the decorative booties and the zebra notepad) from the sock guessing game. Since the expectant father guessed the exact number of socks, he also took home the door prize: “What To Expect When You’re Expecting.” Lucky thing.


The parents also took home the completed Wishes for Baby cards. I hope they’ll put them in a photo album or something to look back on. I also sent them with several blank cards that they can ask other family members who were unable to attend the shower to fill out.


They took home all of the onesies from the onesie line. Some were newborn and others went up to 6 months. I also sent the clothespins I dressed up with some paint and scrapbook paper.


On that table, you’ll also notice a picture frame with a ultrasound picture. I added the zebra mat (it was just scrapbook paper) and added the baby’s name to the picture. I think it was one of the expectant mom’s favorite shower decor items. Also on that table is a newborn headband and the thank you card envelopes guests filled out; both of which the parents took home. On the mantle is a framed baby shower invitation, which I also sent home. Since I have the digital file, I don’t think I need a hard copy.

There was another newborn headband hiding out on the beverage table that I also sent home as a gift.


Of course, the baby shower corsage I crafted went home with them. I was pleased that the expectant mom wore it for the entire length of the shower. She was also pretty excited that it transitions to a bow for the baby later.


You’ll notice in the picture above that the gift table behind the expectant mom was very full of gifts! Three of them were from us. One of the gifts was the activity basket I put together for our nephew. It provided quite a bit of entertainment for him during the shower.

I also couldn’t help but buy a couple of gifts to wrap up for the gift table. The first was a hot pink and zebra Carter’s diaper bag that I found at Ross. I thought it would be the perfect size for quick trips.


The last gift from us was a pair of adorable bibs I found at Babies R Us.


Here’s a few of the other sweet gifts the expectant parents took home with them:


I’m happy that we were able to provide them with this shower and all of the gifts. But, most of all, I’m happy that we were able to celebrate this special time together as one family. (I’m also thankful that they took most of the baby shower decor items home with them! This made clean up a breeze!)

This post marks the last of the baby shower posts for my sister-in-law. Luckily my “brother” is expecting his first later this year, so I’ll be throwing him a shower this summer! Oh yeah!

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