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The Great Lighting Shuffle, Part V: Kitchen

March 26, 2013

Can you believe we’re already to Part V of the Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013? Me either. Don’t worry; we’re rounding the corner to the finish line.

In this edition of the light shuffle, we’re talking kitchen lights. Originally we intended to put this one off for awhile, but I suppose inspiration struck my dear husband a little earlier. Or maybe it was the fact that he had a volunteer to help. Either way, I was grateful to get some better lighting going on in the room where I needed it most.

The main kitchen light was a sad, fluorescent box light. Not only was it ugly, it also put off terrible light for working.


But, wait! It gets worse! Hanging directly in the way of traffic was a busted, plastic pendant. (The photo below is looking to the left from the view above. Confused about the layout? Click here.)


See? It totally got worse. Needless to say, neither of these lights found new homes within our home.

We knew a few things for certain when we were planning our new kitchen lights:

  1. We knew we had to work with the existing holes due to the textured ceilings. (We had planned to remove the texture when we bought the house, but we later decided it wasn’t worth the time or hassle.)
  2. We knew we wanted better task lighting; specifically can lights.
  3. We knew we couldn’t put a can light where the pendant hung originally due to a ceiling cross beam.

Since Travis is an electrician, we were able to complete this project on our own in about a day. However, it wasn’t an easy day by any stretch of the imagination. Here’s a few of the highlights:

  • Our Lowe’s didn’t have enough can lights in stock, so I had to drive to a neighboring town 30 minutes away to purchase the rest while Travis was busy installing the few we did have. 
  • Travis found running wire to the new can light locations difficult. I’m glad I wasn’t home for most of this part.
  • My kitchen was completely covered in sheetrock dust and insulation. It took several hours to clean.
  • We decided a can light in the middle of the kitchen looked odd, and I found it difficult to find a fixture to place in the middle of the kitchen.
  • When I did find a fixture for the middle of the kitchen, Home Depot wouldn’t honor the online price. In store, the price was twice as much as online. I ordered it online, and we spent a few days biting our nails before the baby shower hoping the fixture came in time. It arrived the day before the shower. Whew!
  • I still haven’t found a fixture to replace the pendant light, so for now we have a blank cover over the hole since we can’t patch the ceiling.

And, now, I present to your our new kitchen lights:


Even if it was challenging, we’re both so happy with new new kitchen lighting. The can lights offer wonderful task lighting just where I need it. Plus, they do an amazing job of brightening the entire kitchen.


When I was looking for a new fixture for the middle of the kitchen, I knew it couldn’t hang too low. But, I knew I wanted something more special than just your average light. I spent a lot of time looking online at semi flush mounts. When I saw the Hampton Bay Gala 3-Light Semi-Flush Mount on Home Depot’s website, I knew it was absolutely perfect. In fact, I didn’t look at another light after seeing this one.


The online price was pretty much perfect, too. This light only cost $49.97 with free shipping, and I think that’s a lot of bang for my buck. It’s perfect.


I love how it coordinates with the dining room and hallway lights. The new kitchen light is within direct eyesight of both, and they all three coordinate and look lovely together. Honestly, it was a happy accident that they all look so great together. I have a theory, though. I think if you only put things in your house that you love (as long as you follow a few basic rules like using similar finishes and colors), they’ll always work together.


I still have no idea how to address the hole in the ceiling where the pendant light was. For now, I’m thinking the blank cover isn’t looking too bad (you can just see it in the photo above), but I’m not sure how long I’ll feel this way. It’s a tricky spot to address, since this is one of the main traffic paths in our house. I’ve noticed that area is a bit darker than I would like at night. Maybe a lamp on the baker’s rack with be the solution?

Updating the lighting in the kitchen made the room a much happier place to be. I can’t wait to finish updating the room!

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Disclaimer: My husband Travis is a licensed electrician. He is very skilled in his trade and has years of experience wiring lights. Electricity is no joke! Please do not attempt electrical work without a skilled professional. 

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!