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Drop-In Baby Shower “Games”

March 14, 2013

We had a few “games” at the baby shower I hosted for my sister-in-law. Since this was a drop-in shower, I knew the typical baby shower games wouldn’t be a good fit. Plus, I always feel silly playing those types of games, so I guessed that others might feel that way, too.

Instead, we played games that people could participate in while they were at the shower, and then door prizes could be handed out at a later date.

All of the games were set up on a table in front of our newly-revamped fireplace.


The first game on the left was the most popular and easiest to complete. Guests simply guessed how many socks were in the apothecary jar for a chance to win the shower gift directly behind the jar.


Guests used the zebra notepad to jot down their guess. The expectant father actually guessed the exact number (64) of socks in the jar. So he not only got to take home all of the baby socks in the jar, but also a copy of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

The gameplay card reads:

“Tiny toes… Tiny socks
Guess how many socks are in the container for a chance to win a door prize!”

This game was a lot of fun, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s planning a baby shower.


The second game we played was meant to make the job of writing thank you cards easier. Each guest who brought a gift, was instructed to address an envelope to themselves. This way when the expectant mom writes her thank you cards, they’re already addressed for her!

I’ll be honest here: most of the guests didn’t really understand this game. I’m not sure why, as it seemed pretty straight forward to me. Depending on the crowd, I’d probably do this game again, though.

The card reads:

“Signed… with Love
If you brought the expectant parents a gift, address an envelope to yourself for a chance to win a door prize!”

At the end of the baby shower, the expectant mom drew an envelope from the stack to choose a winner. My mother’s-in-law boss won the prize (a Bath and Body candle and a Martha Stewart notebook), so she generously agreed to deliver the door prize.

We played one more shower game that I failed to get a picture of on the table.


I had these adorable cards (free printable here!) printed and cut at Staples. Guests had fun filling out the cards for baby Addyson.

The card I filled out read:

I hope that you grow up strong.
I hope that you aren’t afraid of the dark.
I hope that you love us!
I hope that you get everything that you want in life.
I hope that you laugh often.
I hope that you never forget where you’re from.
I hope that you ignore your dad!
I hope that you become a beautiful woman.
I hope that you respect your parents.
I hope that you grow up lovely inside and out.

Aunt Katie

This game was difficult for the elderly guests to read, and a lot of people didn’t want to take the time to read through and answer the questions. I think with a different crowd, though, this game could be a lot of fun, so I’ll definitely play it again at future showers I plan.

The expectant parents took the all of the completed cards (and a few blank ones) home to read through at their leisure.

So, if you’re counting, the expecting parents were able to take home 64 baby socks in various sizes, a zebra notepad, decorative booties, addressed envelopes for thank you cards and sweet wishes for baby cards. The best part for me was that I wasn’t left with a bunch of game items at the end of the day!

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