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The Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013, Part II: Office

March 5, 2013

In Part I of the Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013, we tackled the dining room light. A new chandelier was purchased, and the old one found a new home in an unexpected location. This week, we’re looking at another strange shuffle.

When we moved in our house, the office/sunroom had a way-too-big ceiling fan.


Personally, I don’t care for ceiling fans. I think they’re dust catchers that make me cough, so I never turn the fan on. Since I’m the only one who uses this room, the fan didn’t make sense. Plus, it was way too big.

We replaced the fan with a light we had in the master bedroom of our last house. There are no pictures of it in our last house, because we removed it when we decided to move. We knew we wanted to take it with us, so we bought a basic ceiling fan to replace it.

The “new” office light is my favorite in the house.


It’s a crystal chandelier in a chrome finish with a transparent black shade. It’s available on Overstock and always seems to be on sale. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I just love it.


But what about the giant fan that was previously in the office?

It was a perfectly good fan, even if it wasn’t something I would have chosen for myself. It now happily resides in the front guest bedroom.


I might eventually decide to replace this fixture, but not anytime soon. For now, I like it just fine in here.The fan that was previously in this room is now in a yard sale pile. It was very small and past its prime. I’m hoping someone can find a use for it.

That’s Part II of the Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013. With every change we make to this house, it begins to feel more and more like home to us. I’ve got to say that I’m loving living here.

What changes have you made to your house that made it feel more like home? We’re inching along the path to feeling like we’re home.

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