Month in Review

February 2013 Month in Review

February 28, 2013

Whew! What a month. This month has certainly been busy with all of the baby shower planning, house renovating/decorating and unpacking.

The month kicked off with the Thrift Shop Challenge sponsored by Young House Love. I had so much fun doing the challenge. I still can’t believe I found green gator shoes. Ha! I may not have purchased the green gator shoes, but I didn’t manage to score some fantastic dishes.


After having so much fun participating in the Thrift Shop Challenge, I was inspired to create a Parisian-inspired tablescape with my new-to-me, thrifted dishes. The tablescape then prompted me to try out a new scone recipe that was absolutely delicious.


After the thrifty fun was over, I realized that I had to get busy preparing the house for a baby shower I’m hosting for my sister in law this weekend. The to-do list for the house may have only contained six items, but they were pretty major and took all month to accomplish.


I knew there were several items I wanted to craft for the baby shower, since I think homemade touches are really special when you’re hosting an event like this. The first item on my crafting agenda was a baby shower corsage for my sister-in-law to wear during the shower. The best part is that it can later be used for my niece.


Since I was already feeling crafty, I moved on to creating a tutu wreath to display at the shower and then to later be displayed in my niece’s nursery. This was surprisingly easy to make, and I’ve already got plans to make more.


When Valentine’s Day rolled around, I shared a quick story about how I thought Travis might propose to me on Valentine’s Day several years ago and a few sweet pictures of my little loves.


I love magazines, and All You happens to be one of my new favorites. The February issue shared an article on managing paper clutter that I thought was not to be missed. If paper clutter has got you down, be sure to read All You’s tips for dealing with paper clutter accompanied by my own.


Before I knew it, I only had 11 days until I was hosting a baby shower for 50+ of of my sister’s-in-law closest friends and family members. Yikes! I realized there was still a lot left to do, but writing it all down really helped me get it done.

Between Weekdays: TuTu Wreath

One of the bigger renovations we tackled pre-baby shower was the fireplace mantle and surround. I still can’t stop staring at it. It’s amazing to see what it was before and what it is now.


Since the baby shower is coed, my 5-year-old nephew will also be in attendance. I whipped up a quick gift basket full of fun activities to, hopefully, keep him entertained during the shower. The best part is that I was able to purchase everything without my wallet suffering too much.


One of the perks of being married to an electrician is that you can change out lighting fixtures easily and quickly. I like to call what happened in our house the Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013. In Part I of the great shuffle, the dining room received a new chandelier and the old one found a new home in an unlikely spot.


February was a busy month around here! Next month, I’m planning to share with you how the baby shower turns out and continue the Great Lighting Shuffle. I’ve got some other projects planned, as well, and I’m really hoping to show you how our house is coming together. I hope you all had a very happy February and are looking forward to March as much as I am!

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