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The Great Lighting Shuffle of 2013, Part I: Dining Room

February 26, 2013

It’s no secret that we’ve been tweaking a lot of the features in our house in preparation for a baby shower I’m hosting this weekend. One of those tweaks was what I like to call the great light shuffle of 2013. Basically, much of the lighting in our house was either moved or replaced.

We purchased a new light for a dining room, because I felt that the one in the room was too small. Plus, it was the light fixture we chose for the the eat-in kitchen in our last house, and it made me oddly sad for our previous home.


We replaced that light with this chandelier from Home Depot. We actually bought this fixture before we had even closed on the house. The size was right, and so was the price.


Ahhh. Much better. Even if there’s a sad-looking plant in the corner. (No worries; I’m nursing it back to health after someone graciously watched it for me while we were homeless.) This room has undergone quite a transformation, and I can’t wait to share all of the details with you! (I know it looks like the light is hanging oddly high above the table, but it’s not.)

But what about the light that was previously in the dining room? I obviously liked the light, since I chose it for our previous house. It found a new home in an unlikely spot.


The light now lives in the hallway that leads to our bedroom. (Confused about the layout? Click here for a floor plan.) The bottom of the light fixture easily clears 6’+, so even most of our tallest visitors will be able to walk under with no problems. Since both of us are well below the 6′ mark, we won’t have any problems either. Plus, how many people besides us will be going to our bedroom on a regular basis? Um… none.

I love how I can see the reflection of the light in the mirrored coat rack hanging on the left. This light is an unexpected surprise that (I think) adds a touch of romance to our “wing” of the house.

That’s Part I of the great lighting shuffle of 2013. It’s so nice to have an electrician for a husband. Even though I’m breaking all of the lighting details into several posts, he was able to change all of the lighting fixtures in an afternoon. And that, my friends, is sexy. My wordiness? Not so sexy. Sorry about that.

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