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Baby Shower: T-Minus 11 Days

February 19, 2013

I cannot believe there’s only 11 days left until I’m hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law. Yikes! This is the largest gathering I’ve ever hosted, and it’s the first baby shower I’ve ever given.

Between Weekdays: TuTu Wreath

A lot of progress has been made. In fact, the list I first shared in my planning a baby shower post is very nearly complete:

  • Finish decorating, renovating, painting, unpacking, etc. our house. This is a priority No.1. Not all of the rooms have to be perfect, but the main areas of the house need to be presentable. Update: We’ve accomplished as much decorating, renovating, painting and unpacking as we’re going to before the shower. Since a house is never truly “finished” when it comes to decorating, there are still doors to paint and a few boxes in the garage to unpack, we’re calling this done for the shower. 
  • Plan a menu — See here.
  • Coordinate pet sitters for the day of. Update: The dogs are taken care of, but I still need to arrange a sitter for Winter. I’m thinking a daycare option is the way to go.
  • Craft a corsage for the guest of honor. Update: See more here!
  • Buy paper platescupsutensilsnapkins.
  • Purchase food. Ask mother-in-law to help. Update: We’re taking an expedition to Sam’s Club a couple of days before the shower. I’ve already made my shopping list!
  • Purchase balloons for outdoor decor and to alert friends and family where we live since this will be the first time most people have been to our house. Update: I actually found a helium tank on a major sale, so we’ll be able to inflate the balloons the morning of the shower at home.
  • Rent or DIY table linens. Update: I think I might need to arrange for a few more linens. Oops!
  • Rent/borrow extra tables.
  • Rent/Purchase ice bucket and scoop. Don’t forget to buy ice on the day of the shower!
  • DIY/Purchase decor. I’ve got some cute ideas!  Update: This is done! I can’t wait to show you how everything comes together for the shower!
  • Do I have enough serving dishes for food? Rent/borrow/purchase extras, if needed. Update: I think we’re good here, but I’m hesitant to cross it off the list just yet.
  • Order invitations. Ask grandparents to address and mail out.
  • Plan and coordinate games. I don’t want to do the typical baby shower games, so I’m thinking door prizes instead. Update: This is also something I can’t wait to share with you!
  • Purchase favors. This is done! I bought these cuties and can’t wait for them to arrive.
  • Decorate favor display stand. Update: This was not fun to put together, but I’m pleased with how it turned out. 

As far as this list is concerned, I’m in pretty good shape! All that’s left is to arrange for a sitter for Winter, ensure I have the proper serving plates, purchase the food and, possibly, arrange for some more table linens. I’m feeling good!


But, then, I remembered that other list I shared. The one about getting the house ready.

  1. Clear the clutter, find homes for things and get rid of what we don’t need. Update: I’m working on it!
  2. Finish hanging blinds throughout the house. 
  3. Fix fireplace mantle and surround. Update: I can’t wait to show you this later this week!
  4. Hang some art. Update: I think, for now, there are only two pieces of art left to be hung. 
  5. Clean! Update: I’m working on it, but I’ll do a deep clean of the house the week of the shower. 
  6. Finish painting trim. Update: This isn’t going to happen before the shower, so I’m calling it done for now.

Since all of the major items are crossed off of the above list, I feel really, really good about my progress on the house. With only 11 days to go, I actually feel like we’ll be ready! Since I love/need to-do lists, here’s my new one to help me not miss a thing:

  1. Arrange a sitter for Winter
  2. Ensure I have the proper serving pieces
  3. Purchase food
  4. Possibly arrange for more table linens
  5. Clear the clutter, find homes for things and get rid of what we don’t need.
  6. Finish hanging art.
  7. Clean!
  8. Set out decorations the night before the shower
  9. Finish wrapping gifts
  10. Don’t forget to buy ice on the morning of the shower!

Let’s do this!

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