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My Little Loves

February 14, 2013

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Several years ago, I thought Travis might propose to me on Valentine’s Day. We went to an incredibly fancy French restaurant for dinner. I don’t remember how many courses we ate, but each one was filled with anticipation (on my end) as I waited for a ring. The ring never came, and Travis dropped my off at my apartment and said goodnight. I wouldn’t receive a proposal until February 26, 2008. Waiting those extra few days was difficult, but so worth it. The photo below was taken on the night we became engaged.


While Travis is the love of my life, three little furbabies also share a special place in my heart.


And, of course, this place hold a very special place in my heart this Valentine’s Day as well:


I hope that you and all of the loves of your life have a very happy Valentine’s Day this year!

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