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Getting the House Ready

February 7, 2013

When I decided to host a baby shower for my sister-in-law, I knew the shower would be the excuse I needed to whip our house into shape. After moving in a month ago, we’ve lived in chaos. First, from painting. And now, from unpacking. But there’s still a lot left to do before we can have 50 of my sister’s-in-law closest friends and family members over.

1. Clear the clutter, find homes for things, and get rid of what we don’t need.

This has been a continual effort since moving into the house, but I feel like it’s time to kick the effort into overdrive and get stuff done. Every surface in my home is currently covered with some form of clutter. It isn’t pretty, and it’s driving me crazy. Exhibit A, My Desktop:


2. Finish hanging blinds throughout the house.

I’m seriously tired of thinking the neighbors can see my every move. This needs to happen pronto.

3. Fix the fireplace mantle and surround.

The fireplace is currently missing a mantle and the surround is blue and tiny. Oh, and we’re using two, ugly trash cans for ash buckets. Need I say more?


 4. Hang some art.

As of right now, our house has zero personality. Unless you consider crazy clutter personality. All of our wall art is currently hanging out in one of the guest room’s floor. I hope that hanging some up will make this place feel more like home.

5. Clean!

It’s hard to clean when you can barely walk through your bedroom. The photo of our bedroom below is pretty much what every room in my house looks like at the moment. Please be sure not to miss dangling curtain rod. It’s a real nice feature of the room. This room gives me hives.


6. Finish painting trim.

We lack very little of the trim work to paint, so I’m hoping to knock this out next week. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to paint the doors before the shower, but at least the trim can look shiny and new.

The shower’s less than a month away, but who’s counting? Oh, yeah, I am.

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