Thrift Shop Challenge: I got $20 in My Pocket

February 1, 2013

When Young House Love announced the Thrift Shop Challenge last week, I knew I had to hop on board! My husband loves the Macklemore song, click here if you haven’t heard it, so it seemed appropriate for me to be down with this challenge.

Step #1:

Go to a thrift store with $20 in your pocket and take a picture.



I chose to go to Goodwill in a nearby town. Rumor is that my town’s Goodwill isn’t exactly up to par.

Step #2:

Spend that $20!


As soon as I saw these dishes, I knew I had to have them! They appear to be handmade. I decided to buy six dinner plates, saucers and cups. Each dinner plate was $1.99 and the saucers and cups were .59¢ each. I was able to use my best friend’s student discount (10 percent) and purchase all the pieces for $18.60.


After selecting the best pieces, it was on to step #3!

Step #3:

Find an item referenced in the song and take a picture.


I still can’t believe I found a pair of green gator shoes. Technically, they’re not actual alligator skin, but they’re definitely an alligator pattern.

This was an incredibly fun challenge! A big thanks goes to my BFF who snapped all of the pictures for me. Next week I’ll show you how I used my thrift shop dishes in a vintage-inspired Parisian tablescape!

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!