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49¢ DIY Chandelier Art

January 28, 2013

I really can’t remember the last time I crafted anything. I’m going to guess I last got my craft on in October 2012. And before that? Who knows. Last year was not the year of crafting since our house was on the market. We had showings so frequently that it wasn’t possible to create a mess, and to me, crafting = mess.

Now that we’re in the new house, though, I think it’s high time I get my crafting on. Ironically, the box of crafting supplies was one of the first unpacked.

I was browsing the sales in the Silhouette store the other day when I noticed a really cute chandelier marked down to 49¢. I knew immediately I wanted to use it to make some new DIY art for my new office.


With my new chandelier silhouette purchased, I shopped the house to see what I had on hand that I could use for this project. I found a piece of leftover scrapbook paper from another project in my office supplies and an empty Ikea frame in a partially-unpacked box. Score!

I decided to cut the chandelier with my Silhouette SD on a piece of black vinyl, and with that, my supplies were gathered.


From this point, I’d guess that the rest of the project took less than 10 minutes. It went a little something like this:

  • Remove back of frame and use it to cut scrapbook paper to size
  • Remove negative pieces of vinyl


  •  Transfer vinyl to transfer tape paper
  • Transfer vinyl to scrapbook paper
  • Center new art in frame and replace the backing
  • Pop up on a shelf and enjoy!


Ta da! So far, I’m loving it! Plus, knowing that I only have 49¢ in this entire project will make it easier to replace down the line. What have you been crafting lately? Please tell me you’ve gotten your craft on lately more than I have.

All comments are encouraged and appreciated!